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[Info] How to install mods for SFVCE (updated for Patch v6.001)

(02-23-2021, 05:24 AM)JuiceforBois1 Wrote:
(02-23-2021, 12:08 AM)KunninPlanz Wrote: I can confirm that PPM *seems* to still work with the Season 5 update. Don't forget to re-sync PMM after the game updates though. Smile

What! Mines still hasn’t been working after the update. :/

Mine was working as of yesterday, but only after I re-synched it. I'll check it again to see if it's still working or if something has changed.

Edit: Yup, PMM is still working fine for me after the update. All mods load as they should.

The first post is updated with all relevant info up to Patch v6.001 (Dan release). And before someone ask, yes all install methods (MM / PMM / ~mods folder) still work fine.

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