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[Guide] Helpful Blender Add-ons


So I've been in the middle of creating/modifying mods in Blender, and I was wondering whether there were tools/add-ons to rename bones, materials, textures or anything of that sort in bulk, so guess what? I found the perfect Blender add-on by Proxe!

Here is some info I copied from the official link:

"Be sure to check out the user preferences to change the position of the panel (tool/properties shelf) and to use larger popups option if needed.


This addon primarily offers batch naming, it also provides a panel that displays object related datablock names below the object and object data name fields, offering quick access within the 3D View to all available datablock names, along with an occasional option or two, like a mini outliner, in addition there is also another panel offered that displays datablock options related to the last icon clicked in the name stack.
Filter options are located towards the top of the panels and the panels are located in the property shelf of the 3D view
I have yet to perfect this approach in workflow, however I feel that it does indeed optimize many tasks when you simply wish to up a subdivision level, or select a object in a extremely complex scene, or furthermore simply toggle on auto smooth for an object.
This addon is coupled with a series of operators that save a lot of time when renaming datablocks, the operators are as follows;

Auto Name

This operator allows for quickly naming objects and those object’s modifiersconstraintsobject data and for pose bones, bone constraints. It works by assigning names based on type, the names used are defined by the user and can be saved with user start-up(Options saved with the current scene)

Batch Name

This operator is the big work horse here, through its various toggle options and input fields you are able to perform find and replace text operations (with regular expression support) to almost all datablock names in the file and control how duplicate names will be numbered. The pop-up is a bit clustered but is fairly straightforward to understand once you use it a time or two, the tool-tips indicate what the option is doing/allowing.

Transfer Names

This operator is meant to fulfil the need to transfer names from some object datablocks to others, essentially copying them and pasting to the targets, this is done on a per object basis unless the ‘use active object’ option is active, which will then transfer the source name from the active object to the selected objects.

Install - Remove

To install or remove the addon, I recommend that you use Blender’s built in addon install or remove options, please remove any old version of the addon before updating to the latest if you experience any issues.
Be sure to use the zip file download directly when installing, no need to extract."

Hope you find this helpful!  Smile

Another add-on I found is for material sorting by Yotun! It sorts materials alphabetically, whether ascending: sort the data in alphabetical order (A to Z) or descending: sort the data in reverse-alphabetical order (Z to A).

Download Link:
Official Link:

Hope that helps. If I find anything useful, I'll post it in this thread.

This is how you can install add-ons if anyone is finding difficulties doing it.

Official Link:

The Add-ons tab lets you manage secondary scripts, called “Add-ons” that extends Blender’s functionality. In this tab you can search, install, enable and disable Add-ons.

[Image: image.png]

Add-ons tab in the User Preferences.


Blender comes with some useful Add-ons already, ready to be enabled. But you can also add your own, or any interesting ones you find on the web.


Supported Level

Blender’s add-ons are split into two groups depending on who writes/supports them:
  • Official: Add-ons that are written by Blender developers.
  • Community: Add-ons that are written by people in the Blender community.


Add-ons are divided into categories by what areas of Blender they affect.

Enabling and Disabling

[Image: image.png]

Enable and disable an add-on by checking or unchecking the box on the right of the add-on you chose, as shown in the figure.

Enabling an add-on.
The add-on functionality should be immediately available. If the Add-on does not activate when enabled, check the Console window for any errors, that may have occurred.

Add-on Information

You can click the arrow at the left of the add-on box to see more information, such as its location, a description and a link to the documentation. Here you can also find a button to report a bug specific of this add-on.


Saving Add-on Preferences
If you want an Add-on to be enabled every time you start Blender, you will need to Save User Settings."

Remove Vertex Groups with No Weights (provided by Addysun) [Useful for breaking up the mesh to weight paint]
Remove Vertex Groups with No Weights (Blender 2.8, provided by Addysun)

Baking Normal from Cycles Material (provided by Addysun) [It creates baked maps when attaching seamless textures to materials, mostly for fabrics or patterns, used for mapping. It texture coordinates nodes in cycles too]

Quick Tip to Delete Unused Materials

Sometimes your Blender project is messy and you want to delete unneeded materials that have no mesh parts attached to them. Well, Blender has a built-in add-on you have to turn on under User Preferences called 'Material Utils Special'.

[Image: image.png]

Select your Mesh file, navigate to your 'Materials' tab and click on the dark grey/black arrow. Once you do that, navigate to 'Clean Slots' and you should have these options.

[Image: image.png]

Click on 'Clean Material Slots' and all your unassigned materials should be deleted. 

[Image: image.png]

If the materials get unorganised, just use the material organiser tool mentioned earlier  Wink

Note: If you have multiple objects and you'd like to clean all the unused materials, you would have to do this for all of them individually or merge them first using 'Ctrl+J' and then using the tool. If you want to separate them after that, just click the 'Space Bar', type 'Separate', and you would have the option to 'Separate By Material'.

Note 2: Do NOT and I repeat do NOT do this while selecting more than one Mesh Object. If you do, all of your materials will be DELETED.

Importing PSK mesh directly into Blender with minimum problems.

  1. Enable the add-on as you would for any other (Refer to above instructions)

  2. Navigate to 'File', 'Import' and 'Import Skeleton Mesh (.psk).
Pre-Import, just tick 'Don't invert root bone'.

[Image: image.png]

Post-Import, you only need to change about the imported PSK is:
  • Set the object shading to 'Smooth'.

[Image: image.png]
  • Change the size of armature to '0.0255' or '0.0254' for X,Y,Z (had to figure this out through experimentation. It worked for me, but double-check for your case by cross-referencing a traditional mod or FBX)
[Image: Screenshot-50.png]
  • Delete ALL of these bone-groups through 'Pose Mode'. 

[Image: image.png]

Finally, you export it normally as you would for any other mod and go do your thing in UE4 [Image: smile.png]

Edit: This method seems to break UV1 and UV2, so keep that in mind.

Edit 2: This works with the new plug FBX exporter, but if you'd like to use the old one, do NOT scale down your armature. 
Also, don't forget to import the FBX into UE4 without scaling it down if you're using the old plug-in.

Download (Right-Click to Save)
Official GitHub

Example of a quick mod I made that removes C2 Kage horns and belt using this method. They're the same size, innit?
There are no issues with either the physics or anything of that sort.

[Image: Screenshot-49.png]

Edit 3: Weirdly enough, as pointed out by @bbb, this method could make some characters cross-eyed.
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really helpful, thank you very much for sharing (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
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I use this script to remove vertex groups with no weights. It's really useful when you want to break up your meshes to weight paint.
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@addysun That's brilliant, thanks.

here's another tool (custom cycles node) that I recently found. it's excellent.

I've mainly been using it when I attach seamless textures to my materials, mostly for fabrics or patterns, that you use mapping and texture coordinates nodes in cycles. it lets me set everything up and spit out baked maps to combine in Photoshop.
Support me on patreon!
Catch my work on my deviantart page!
Follow me on Twitter!
Watch me on Twitch!

Join us on the modderbase discord! I'm going to post more WIPs on there as well as talk shop.
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Updated original post.
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