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Color Palette

About the color palette... actually there's not much to talk about though...  but other useful tutorials have already been created, so if i want to post something here, it's the only thing i got (๑‾ ꇴ ‾๑) Ahaha.
Well, we don't have color palette in Doa5, but we have color palette in SFV and we can customize color palette in Tekken7.
There're a lot of ways to create our color palette, it's quite subjective. really not a right or wrong question. 
I will just show you two simple ways to create out color palette.

1.Single Color
2.Complementary Colors
[Image: colors2.jpg]

When i say single color it doesn't mean only one color. pick one as the main color, let's say Blue. then we have to pick some other colors similar to it. like “Sky”, "Pale Cerulean" or something like that. Pay attention to the proportions, then you will have something like this:

[Image: sample0.jpg]

Also "Black" and "White", I don't think they are "Colors"... they can be used everywhere, like this:

[Image: sample1.jpg]

Not bad right? at least not ugly i think.
This is how "Single Color" works.
Then, let's try the complementary color, similar to the single color, we pick one as the main color, then we pick some other colors similar to it, after that we can get one complementary color. It should look like this:

[Image: sample2.jpg]

It's a piece of a cake, isn't it.
Actually this is how we design the website. References are always important.

[Image: colors.jpg]

like i just said, it's subjective. maybe you don't think they are good, it's fine. 
in the real world, we don't dress like this. we don't need complementary colors at all. but we're still looking goooood right?  Big Grin 
so, do whatever you want, man.
Still,I would be very happy if this post is helpful to you,  have a nice day!
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Those color cards are fantastic, what website are you grabbing them from?
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