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[Theory] Capcom .uasset Headers and Unreal Engine 4

Hey everyone, sorry for being gone for so long... college really weighs you down.
Anyways, I've been messing around with Street Fighter V files again, and noticed something cool.

When you change the header of a .uasset file extracted from a pakchunk file, something like RYU_01.uasset (Ryu's Default Costume Mesh) with the header of a .uasset imported from an FBX in Unreal Engine 4, Umodel will instantly read the file as if it was already assigned a version number. This means you don't have to override Unreal Engine detection to UE 4.7 every time you load the file.

My theory is this: Suppose you can get the original .uasset from Capcom inside your Unreal Engine project, and all you had to do is tinker the hex data a bit, by changing the header. After that, one would just place the modified Capcom .uasset inside the Content folder from their Unreal Project, all from the Windows Explorer. 

This is just a working hypothesis though, and I haven't been able to get anything working yet. I'll update this post more as time goes on, depending if there is a breakthrough or not.
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This is very interesting! Can you post more details like how you modified the header for instance, this might lead to some good discoveries if it will work.


Of course!
So the way I modified the header is fairly straight forward. First, I generated a "dummy" .uasset file by importing an .FBX into Unreal Engine 4.7. Afterwards, I went into HxD and took the first two lines of the file, from position 01 to 1F, and pasted that into the unmodified Capcom mesh .uasset (replacing the same two lines with Paste-Overwrite or Control+B). Then I opened up the newly modified Capcom mesh .uasset in Umodel, and it instantly opened the model.

From this, I gathered that raw, uncooked .uasset files will be read by Umodel and Unreal Engine 4. But this lead me to another roadblock: uncooking the .uasset file.

That's all I have for now, hopefully someone with coding/reverse-engineering knowledge can figure out a way forward, or at the very least a workaround.
"Stereotypical Shounen Protagonist stubbornly doing dense things..."

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