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Stage Mods

Post/Download stage mods here.

Shadaloo Corridors (replace SH4&RU2) - robhal
Arcade Mode Bonus Stage (replace S07) - robhal
Skies of Honor (DBI) Stage Replacement Pack - Firkraag
Temple Hideout at Night - abublaze
Fewer Gimmicks - robhal
Sunny Days lighting mod - robhal
Anor Londo - Monkeygigabuster
Coliseum - Monkeygigabuster
FFVII Midgar - Monkeygigabuster
Suzaku Castle - Monkeygigabuster
Tengaku "Project Diva" - Monkeygigabuster
Mako Reactor "FF VII" - Monkeygigabuster
Sagat Stage Inspiration (Alt Lighting Ver.) - Monkeygigabuster
Sagat Stage Inspiration - Monkeygigabuster
Temple of the Goddess - Monkeygigabuster
Hall of Chaos - Monkeygigabuster
DMC4 Fortuna Cathedral - Monkeygigabuster
Dojo - Monkeygigabuster
DMC4 Sacred Heart - Monkeygigabuster
Kami's Lookout - Monkeygigabuster
Medieval Town - Monkeygigabuster
DMC4 Bloody Palace - Monkeygigabuster
TRN (The Grid) stage related swap mod pack - robhal
Story Mode - Operation CHAINS Control Room and Psycho Power Machine Room (both replace TRN) - robhal
Story Mode - Fiery City in Chaos (replace S05) - robhal
Story Mode - Red Alert Shadaloo Base at Night (replace SH4) - robhal
Story Mode Stage Pack with UI - KrizmKazm
CPT 2017 Stage - Night Version - robhal
CPT 2016 Stage - Night Version V2 - robhal
CPT 2016 Stage - No Gimmick NPCs & Sunny Days - robhal
Halloween & Holiday Stage - No Happy Logo - robhal
He Has Risen!!! (Christ the Redeemer statue in BRZ stage) - Bloody Rain
No sea wave in Kanzuki Beach - robhal

Story mode's Lair of Four Kings stages with UI (for game v1.09+) - moddah
THE POTATO PROJECT EFFECT v1.10 (for low end PC spec) - AkumaXDragonS
SFA2 Rolento's New York stage - Luchok
The Grid - No Textures - RFE
Frosty Boulevard - Fewer Gimmicks (with UI changes) - KrizmKazm
India without human NPCs and with alternate lightning - RFE
Night Stages - moddah

Nothing yet
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Story mode's Lair of Four Kings stages with UI

Btw if you guys wonder that whether moddah's Alternate Lair of the Four Kings Stage with UI mod still works in current game version or not, the answer is yes.

Here is the screenshot (you can see a glimpse of Sagat's statue there)
[Image: rnqZuCd.jpg]

But you can't just download the mod and then straightly put the pak file into your game, you must do some additional works first. You need to unpak the mod, then find the file BOS_Gimmick.umap and BOS_Lighting.umap then delete them, and finally you can install the mod again with MM or PMM.

For your convenience, I have uploaded the already fixed mod package, here
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Red Alert Shadaloo Base at Night (replace SH4) --> updated to SFVAE UI style

For anyone who want to replace the regular Shadaloo Base at Night stage with the one from story mode (with AA guns and plane flying around), here you are.
[Image: TSUuZHm.jpg]

NOTE: The stage preview UI files are from KrizmKazm's Story Mode Stage Pack, so all credits go to him.
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Halloween & Holiday Stage - No Happy Logo

Also for some people who may want this:

You guys probably remember my mod that removes the Happy Halloween logo from the Spooky Arena stage, here is the picture to fresh out your memory
[Image: S4WqosU.jpg]

And now in the new Frosty Boulevard stage, there is also a similar Happy Holiday logo in the background as well. Here is the picture of that logo is removed
[Image: DqvDDzn.jpg]

I decide to put both mods into one 7zip archive file because they share a similar theme. Get them from the link below
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Fiery City of Chaos (replace S05) --> updated to SFVAE UI style

Here you are, "Fiery City in Chaos to replace the Frosty Boulevard stage" mod
[Image: 4wD9o8T.jpg]

I take the extra time to change the preview image (made by KrizmKazm), UI text & sound (so that when you select the stage it doesn't say "Frosty Boulevard), and also the BGM as well (you will hear City in Chaos BGM instead).
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Operation CHAINS Control Room (replace TRN) --> updated to SFVAE UI style
Replace The Grid, I also throw in some extras like UI pic & text and BGM (change into Shadaloo Base one) as well.
[Image: dm0mVsV.jpg]

Psycho Power Machine Room (replace TRN) --> updated to SFVAE UI style
Psycho Power Machine Room swap to training stage complete with UI changes (text & BGM is from LoFK). Have two variants, the NPC one and also the Elevator one (as small extra mod, install this after you have installed the NPC variant one).
EXTRA: for people looking for the version that replace the Suzaku Castle stage, here is the download link.
[Image: YtIskqU.jpg]

Credit to KrizmKazm for kindly making me the stage UI preview pics.
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[Image: ZSY4wUc.jpg]

DLC & Alt stages replace The Grid (training stage) --> updated to SFVAE UI style

Now it includes all DLC and Alt stages (also both CPT stages).

UPDATE1: includes Skies of Honor
UPDATE2: includes Frosty Boulevard & Temple of Ascension
UPDATE3: includes Temple Hideout
UPDATE4: includes Flamenco Tavern
UPDATE5: includes Suzaku Castle, Metro City Bay Area, Ring of Pride "CPT 2017" and also Ring of Destiny "CPT 2016" (because there are some files updated for that stage)
UPDATE6: includes English Manor
UPDATE7: includes Kasugano Residence

The Grid (training stage) replace DLC & Alt stages
Just the opposite from above, but only the actual stage is replaced, the UI and BGM is still intact.
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CPT 2016 Stage - No Gimmick NPCs & Sunny Days

Just a little mod for "Ring of Destiny" stage that remove those NPCs on ring side (the crowds are still there).
And also remove the blueish foggy lighting (similar to what you see on cornweigh's Sunny Days mod).

Some screenshots:
[Image: 7I9X0RZ.jpg]
[Image: 9wytnQt.jpg]

Bonus screenshots:
Show ContentSpoiler:

MM and PAK mod version are available, pick them which installation method you prefer.
There are couple of mod variants you can choose, AIO (both features) or separate (can pick whatever feature you like).


v1.3: Turns out there is a hidden Gimmick file that enables the MultLUT_TAI, so I disable it.
v2.4: The lighting file is updated in patch v2.040 (file size is different), so I update the mod.

cornweigh, for his FuckLasVegas and Sunny Days mods which I get the info on how to make this mod.
BrutalAce, for his initial idea to remove those unnecessary NPCs and providing me with some 4K custom angle screenshots to showcase this mod.

For the "Night Version" of the mod, go check this post instead.

Sunny Days lighting mod

I like the Sunny Days mod very much when cornweigh first released it some times ago, and I still use it until now. I am not sure why cornweigh abandons the mod or why he doesn't come here anymore (his last activity is about 2 months ago), but I can't wait until he returns here and fixes/updates this mod of his for further game updates. During patch 1.09 (the release of Urien DLC and stage KO feature), it actually broke the Sunny Days mod for some stages like AFB, CHN, KZK but the worse is LVS (until months later I managed to fix it myself, similar fix also applies to CPT stage above). Then several DLC stages come along like RU2, DBI and recently S01 & S05. So until cornweigh decide to come back and works on Sunny Days mod again later, I decide to take over the mod for now (just like his Fewer Gimmicks mod).

Okay, enough with my story and here is the updated Sunny Days mod for v2.00+ game:

Screenshots for old stages can be seen in cornweigh's original mod post here, and here are the screenshots for the recently released DLC stages
Show ContentSpoiler:

UPDATE1: The FX file for RUS stage is updated with current file from V2.015, and also adds the "Temple Hideout / Thailand" stage into the list.
Show ContentSpoiler:
UPDATE2: Lighting file is updated for AFB+BRZ+KPB+LVS+RUS stage, and also adds the "Flamengo Tavern / Spain (SX1/SPN)" stage into the list.
Show ContentSpoiler:
UPDATE3: Adds the three new stages from patch v2.040 (Suzaku Castle, Metro City Bay Area and Ring of Pride "CPT 2017") and also updates several stage lighting files as well (not sure what Capcom change).
Show ContentSpoiler:
UPDATE4: Adds the English Manor stage from patch v2.060.
Show ContentSpoiler:
UPDATE5: Now includes the individual stage for people who just want the Sunny Days mod for some stages only.

UPDATE6: Adds the Kasugano Residence stage.
Show ContentSpoiler:

PS: for Ring of Destiny "CPT 2016" stage, go to here instead.

PS: Now the archive contains the "Stage Code References" text file which is useful for someone who doesn't want the certain stage to have the Sunny Days mod effect by deleting the unwanted file/folder and then reinstall / repack the mod again.
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CPT 2016 Stage - Night Version V2

The idea is to show the condition of the stage where the competition is over, people have gone home and the building is closed.

[Image: cpt_2016_stage___night_version_v2_by_robhal-db48uco.jpg]

Download link:

Update1: Makes the background (around statues and the crowd benches) looks darker to match the theme a bit better.
Update2: All files are updated with current files from V2.040.

This mod is not compatible with my previous "CPT 2016 Stage - No Gimmick NPCs & Sunny Days" mod, so pick the one you want.
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Fewer Gimmicks

Okay guys, the Fewer Gimmicks mod (originally made by cornweigh, see his post here) have been updated to game v1.09+ to accommodate the inclusion of the stage KO animations.

UPDATE1: Adds the "Temple Hideout / Thailand" stage
UPDATE2: Updates AFB, KPB & LVS as those stages now come with some new animations
UPDATE3: Adds Ring of Pride "CPT 2017" stage
UPDATE4: Adds English Manor stage, and now also remove all sheep in NZL stage
UPDATE5: Adds Kasugano Residence stage

It includes all stages except these below:
- Estate At Noon, Shadaloo Base At Night, Skies of Honor, Temple of Ascension, Suzaku Castle & Metro City Bay Area --> nothing to remove
- Ring of Destiny "CPT 2016" stage --> see this post here instead
- Flamenco Tavern --> see the known issue below

Download link:

For some stages, there are two separate version as explained below:
Forgotten Waterfall & Mysterious Cove
- the regular edition (remove the lone sheep AKA Mokomoko + all other sheep and the flying birds)
- no waterfall edition (similar as the regular edition, but also removes the waterfall and its sound as well)

High Roller Casino
- the regular edition (removes the NPCs)
- no crowd edition (similar as the regular edition, but also removes the crowds and its cheering ambient sounds as well)

Kanzuki Beach
- the regular edition (removes the human NPC, all animal are intact)
- no wave edition (similar as the regular edition, but also removes the sea wave)

Known issue:
1. In AFB stage, the fighter jet always has the shooting animation all the time. Also the little compartment door (the one supporting the ladder) is little weird too. Can't fix those stuff (already spent many hours trying to fix. no luck).

2. In SX1/SPN stage, there are four NPC mobs go into T-pose static mode when I disable them (see the screenshot here), can't fix them as well so I decide not to include the "Flamenco Tavern (Spain)" stage into the list.

Screenshot gallery (by Firkraag):
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Rob, my man, in NZL stage, is it possible to remove all the animals, sheeps and birds, and leave only the waterfall and those animals in the back ground, quite like the NZ1?
BTW, great work on these updates, man. It's working like a charming and it actually improved some fps. I didn't think it was possible, lol.
[Image: tumblr_oxczqk_HBOZ1uq6svio1_540.gif]
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I made all the changes for Fewer Gimmicks mod based on what cornweigh started (except ofc the new one that are released after he was already inactive), and that is including the NZL stage. Tbh if I made the Fewer Gimmicks mod for NZL stage from the beginning (aka before cornweigh made his), the first thing I would remove is all sheeps and those foreground animals. So yes I can do that later but it gonna replace the default variant as I can't maintain three variants (two are already very tough).
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No problem, man. And it wouldn't interfere with online, right? It seems people have only this stage when fighting with me. T____T

And like I always say man, while it's greatly appreciated all your devotion and effort, you really don't need to rush. I can't even imagine the trouble you'd go to change that - imo leaving only the waterfall and the background is good enough, don't know why they'd add sheep and birds that aren't even from that region anyways. So do what you think is best and doesn't bother/trouble you too much.

And once again, thank you bro. Really deserve that seat and the graal with your waifu, lol.
[Image: tumblr_oxczqk_HBOZ1uq6svio1_540.gif]
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CPT 2017 Stage - Night Version

Night version of "Ring of Pride" stage (only the sky texture is changed though), everything else are not changed.

[Image: 4UWOyCa.jpg]

Download link:

If you notice that the stage itself has different lighting with mine shown on the screenshot, that's because I use the Sunny Days lighting mod. It can be downloaded from this post.
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