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TK7 - General And Technical Discussion Thread

General And Technical Discussion Thread

As title suggests you can post anything general related to Tekken 7 here, got a news to share ? use this thread, facing a problem launching the game after an update ? that goes here as well or if you have general ranting against Tekken 7, this is your place.

Yeessss!!! Back to it now, on the right forum, Hello guys, and nice to see ya!
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Hey guys, though I love Tekken, could never learn the game so I just play for the kicks or for the waifus. Kasumi ftw, btw.

But now that Geese is out, I can more or less pretened that I play him, I got into mods for the game and saw this guy's

Don't know if it's one of you, or if you know him. But he has put some nice stuff that I'm using, the legacy online and hit effects are great, imo.

Just wanted to share.
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Tekken 7 getting a free DLC pack for the one-year anniversary of the game:
Costumes from Story Mode and more...
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