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Modding Discussion Thread

(09-06-2018, 08:09 PM)gatto tom Wrote: Guys i have a problem. I want to swap Anna outfits on Nina but the UassetRenamer wont' create the -new.uasset file. How can i fix this?

(A) ..\TekkenGame\Content\Character\Item\Customize\NIN
(B) ..\Character\Item\Customize\ANN

in this case :
1. execute "UassetRenamer.exe"

2. look for NINA stuff in path (A)
    choose the CCI_** file you want to change

3. look for ANNA stuff in path (B)
    choose the CCI_** file you want to appear on NINA

NOTE: all these paths are assuming you extract them in one place without moving any file to new location.
when packing up the paks, the correct Anna's path should be following Nina's path ( ..\TekkenGame\Content\Character\Item\Customize\ANN)

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but I just wanted to ask. Does anyone have an updated cheat engine/table for Tekken ver 1.14 (Fitgirl Repack)? My last table had these options but they do not work anymore:

[Image: cAjutm2.jpg]

It has character pause, cpu vs cpu, speed control, potato pc stage and stop KO timer (continue hit opponent after KO).

[Image: IHjweVw.jpg]

Treasure battle is 1 round only and camera controls.

The latest CT I found from tapatalk forums doesn't download at all:

I've been updating the Cheat Table for Tekken 7, I think the one you linked is the one I shared on Zetaboards.

Sadly, I think I'm the only person left who is working on this and my knowledge is limited, so with each game update more and more cheats got broken. I fixed the VS CPU function and slow motion at some point, but then a new patch broke it again, and I weren't able to fix it anymore.

I can give you all versions of my tables created since then until today. I use a legit Steam version of Tekken, but since you're running a different/older version, maybe at least the VS CPU and Slow motion will work for you.

Try those tables, maybe one of them will work:

Hi everyone, I'm new. I would like to create a personalized life bar. I followed various tutorials and tips found here on the forum. However I cannot in any way modify the files present in "HUD_GAU_LIFE". I can easily edit other files, for example those in "HUD_GAU_LIFE_FRAME_NORMAL_L". The problem is that once the .pak is created and inserted into the game, the normal life bar is displayed and not mine. Can anyone tell me where I'm wrong?

ihi guys, i want to ask, how to install mods? does mod manager works in tekken 7? also, does tekken 7 has a program like the USF4 tickle trunk?

tell me what do you recomend
[Image: str2_wow0103fourthwall_superboy_MAIN-770x470.jpg]

Hello people!
I am very new to modding and I have only been able to do skin swaps etc. The thing is that I want Feng to use Lei's old costume but the body size doesn't match. Do you know of a way to fix this? Is it possible to have Feng use Lei's costume without looking like it doesn't belong there?

Custom mesh importing for TEKKEN 7 is now possible:

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