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Dead or alive 6 which character will not make it

Thought i would do a thread of which characters you think make/make it not into the new game Big Grin

my thoughts:

Kasumi- already confirmed

Ayane- 100% sure she will be in the next game

Hayate- already confirmed

Hayabusa- already confirmed

Helena- already confirmed

Christie- She is a character that was always in the games. Still she is the second least liked female character. I still think since she is that liked among pro players that she will make it into the next game

Lisa- I can see her taking a rest. She is the least liked female character. Pros do liked her but not enough too make her stable. Maybe she is this time just a story character but not playable. They can still maybe keep because of the importance of her in the story.

Hitomi- Pretty sure she will be in the game. There is no reason against it especially since she was in DOAX3

Bayman-Maybe not the most liked, but still storywise and playwise to interesting. I think they keep him

Kokoro- She will be in the next game pretty likely. She was in DOAX3 as 5th so there is no chance she will not be in the game.

Jann lee- already confirmed

Leifang- Even though she didnt make it into DOAX3 (10th place so really close) she will be in the  game. She was always. Jann lee is also confirmed already,making it much more likely for her getting into the game aswell.

Tina- This one is tough. When they programmed DOAX3 they thought people would vote for her 100% sot hey already implemented voice lines of her. But since she wasnt even close to get to the game, i can see her not getting to the next game. Storywise she isnt importand and all the bonds she has, are struggling aswell (expcept Zack), so it will be hard. It must be said that she was still in many games yet so we will have to see with her.

Bass- Same with Tina, maybe more likely since they want to make the game more realistic and less sexualized.

Zack-Already confirmed

Eliot-likely. He has story potential and is the only young looking male character.

Gen Fu- more unlikely. He isnt a popular character. Eliot could maybe take his place

Brad Wong- more likely especially with his bond to Eliot. His fighting style was always liked among many fighting games so he could be likely in the next game.

Rig- I saw many people liking him. So i guess he will be in the next game even thought story wise he wasnt the most interesting one.

Mila- unlikely. she wasnt popular and has not a interesting story neither her fighting style is that much asked for.

Alpha- 50/50. She is a classic character but needs a buff.

Ein- unlikely. with him getting back to Hayate, he will possibly be not in the game

Leon- Pretty unlikely. Not interesting. Somewhat similar to Bayman but less popular.

Momiji- She will be, and she will be getting into the story.

Rachel- Depends on the spotlight they give to momiji. Maybe, maybe not again 50/50 maybe only 30% dont know.

Marie Rose- 100%. She is the number 1 and they need the money MAybe getting changes in terms of playtyle to suit the Systema more

Honoka Heart  - Again REALLY REALLY likely. She is number 2 and they need the money. Maybe changed a bit in terms of design and playstyle.

Phase 4- likely. She was LOVED by pros and normal players. Maybe getting a bit of a redesignt to sperate her from kasumi

Nyotengu- SHe will be in the next game she was in doax3 and she is REALLY popular. The game style is unique aswell

Raidou.50/50. Same with Alpha i guess

The Virtuafighter character- they wont probably. The voice line sound was TERRIBLE since they didnt take new voice actors. Virtua fighter seems to get sadly forgotten so they will probably wont get into the next game

Mai- No chance sadly. Maybe 0,1%. She was liscensed and dint even got new costumes. Though she can be implemented into the story but i think the liscense is here the problem.

Naotora- More likely as a dlc character.Storywise not able to be implemented making her hard to get into the game. Though with Warrios orochi 4 getting released she has a chance but its tiny.

Characters maybe getting into next game:

Misaki/DOAVV- With Doa6 getting less sexualized and more realistic maybe not. Though she is somewhat the main charcater of VV and could be implemented as another caharcater for DOA6 (especially for money )

Luna/DOAVV- Most likely maybe... Her design leads to a possible interesting playstyle

Tamaki/DOAVV- Least likely out of the three. Design wise not that much interesting. But her personality is so we will need to see

Miyako/mother of Kokoro- UNUNLIKELY but maybe
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Sadly the announced that the girls of VV arent fighters and wont be playable :/
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