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DoA 6 is announced, coming in early 2019

Dead or Alive 6 is announced for PS4, XB1 and also our beloved PC platform (via Steam), with early 2019 release window.

There are some in-game screenshots too that we can see them here
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I think most of us are surprised how soon we got another Dead or Alive game announced! Looks like the gameplay expands more further from Dead or Alive 5 Last Round and I like the special effects on the character damages and bruises too. Can this sequel compete with the DLC DOA5 had I wonder? I hope that the Steam version is improved upon to match or be better than the console versions and they learned their lesson from before. Then I hope for all the mods again! I'll always be a Dead or Alive fan!
[Image: doa6-kasumi-ss1-1528465436098_1280w.jpg]
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I'm sure gonna miss the guest characters from DOA5. If they dont get to keep any of them, I hope they can at least get as many or more even. I like the slow mo hits to the face. I think it's a nice feature.
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I'm betting that modding will be harder in DOA6 (or at least TN will try to make it harder). One of the side effects of DOA5 being rushed to PC is they didn't really consider how their models would be ripped the instant they were released, to be used in fan art, free mods, dancing games, and of course XXX games. They were upset about this pretty much from the start (mostly because others were profiting from their assets), and will certainly try harder this time to prevent it. Not saying people like Mr. Dotoku, immi, riry, Harry, etc. won't figure it out eventually, but expect there will more roadblocks built in with the new game.

Another point of interest is the claim that 6 will be more 'serious' and 'mature', which has predictably caused a lot of angry whining about TN bowing to outside pressure. It's funny because these folks don't seem to remember that's how DOA5 started: all the default costumes (except maybe Kasumi's) were less revealing than previous games. But DLC's were stocked with sexy outfits because those obviously sell very well. So whether it's because the market demanded it, or TN cynically planned to charge extra for sexy content all along, there will be bikinis and bunny outfits aplenty, even if the game doesn't come with them standard. There's just too much money in it.

Bad news for DoA 6.

Apparently they are removing the fan service and making character/costume changes across the board. Kasumi is shown in the bodysuit in the promo (with a smaller bust size) because her classic costumes aren't going to be in the new game (shows too much skin). The model the game director is using for DoA 6 is the SJW-infused Marvel Comic books.

Essentially, they are throwing the DoA fans under the bus in exchange for an E-Sports ticket in hopes of drawing a bigger audience by being family friendly and politically correct.

It's heartbreaking (been on board the DoA train since DoA 1), but I'll not be spending my money on their game if they go this route.
[Image: cammy_by_slayer0fgod-d3hallq.jpg]

For anyone interested, here's some off screen footage at E3. 

So, they're going for more realistically destructible outfits. If you look at the end match between Helena and Kasumi, Kasumi does a break blow where she drives her hands HARD, and I mean, FUCKING HARD into Helena's stomach. Hard enough to blast a hole through Helena's dress, and you can see it towards the end of the match. I think that's one of the reasons why you're going to see more conservative costumes this time around, because they're intended to get put through the wrecker. That's bad news if you wanted to see Kasumi's classic dress come back. Only thing holding that together is her sash. if that takes a break blow to the stomach, it's either gotta be made of an indestructible fabric, or else, well........ You guys figure it out. I think that's also why you might see less costume content on launch and on DLC, if they're applying destruction mechanics to everything wearable now. 

I don't think it's particularly helpful to anyone to scream out 'SJW'' because they're toning down the tiddy. It's likely that they want to prestent a 'broadcast friendly' package for mainstream tournaments. And, let's face it: To the wider FGC, Dead or Alive is looked down upon as a 'tiddy fighter'. So, I get why they're doing this. And, I don't mind playing a DOA game with LESS fanservice. However, if they're going to drop fanservice entirely, that's another thing altogether. Because unless they have something to compensate the loss of fanservice, what will happen, is the mainstream FGC will play it on its hype phase. Then, when it dies down, they'll hightail it back to SFV and Tekken. And without the original fanbase that bought all the DLC, this game will join MVCi as a lesson in what NOT to do when making a fighting game.

[Image: bOmgB.jpg]

"What could possibly go wrong?"
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Wow OMG that just so awesome finally DOA6 is revealed and Kasumi & Helena are looking so beautiful there is 2 things i didn't like it about the game which is the blood screen and the slow motion face close hit and the stages are looking super cool now because finally you can fight and public places with the real fans by the way i hope the other 15 girls gonna make it in the final release

All the worries we had about this game seems to have gone already. As seen on the latest trailers and gameplay videos, DOA6 will be having the features/aspects that we loved in DOA5 and more. Also I really hope DOA6 will be as mod-capable as DOA5.
[Image: 4okIdt2.png]
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Ok Team Ninja, you have my attention now.

Tina is back. Heart
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Christie's reveal trailer released for DOA6


New DOA6 trailer is released, to reveal the addition of Kokoro, La Maripose, and the newcomer with name NiCO (notice the second letter is lowercase "i"). Nothing much can be expected from Kokoro and La Mariposa as we already know them from previous DOA games, so this is the highlight for NiCO instead. Nicknamed "The Fighting Technomancer", the fighting style she uses is "Pencak Silat" that widely used in some South East Asia countries (Indonesia which I come from, is also one of the widely known practitioners) combined with some electricity gimmick (think of like C.Viper in SF4, although not the same ofc).


DOA6 trailer for Brad Wong and Eliot


Switching from the Soft Engine to DW9 was definitely the right call. This looks really good. It's close to MK11(worse lighting, better clothing physics) and puts Tekken 7 to shame.

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