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Stage Mods

Post/Download stage mods here.

     Temple of Light V1.02 By @Koenji
          Just Stage By @Koenji
          Just Music By @Koenji

     Bowling Room for Customization By @Koenji

Releasing a new Stage Mod.

[Image: TekkenGame-Win64-Shipping_2017-08-30_12-25-53.jpg]

Bowling Room for Customisation
Customisation Room Mod
Changes the Customisation Room into the Bowling Alley Stage from the Tekken Bowl DLC.

- Replaces Customisation Room with the Bowling Stage.


- 1.0: Initial Release.

WARNING: Make sure your game is updated to the latest version!

DownloadVersion 1.0
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Can anyone teach me how swap lighting between stages?

Can anyone change the bgm for Infintie Azuke with Art of Fighting Team teme from KOF14?

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