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Blanka Trailer and Info

What do you guys think of Blanka? I might play him a lot, been looking for a character to have alongside R. Mika. He looks cool and it seems like he might be pretty strong with mix-ups and a command grab. I used to play Blanka back in the 90's on SNES as a kid lol. What's up with the Nostalgia costume though, it's hardly any different, I guess they needed it for those who really want him to look like before..

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Good! I might finally have a character to use against the abomination that's called Guile.

Blanka looks really good and I like how they did his theme music! I hope they give him a remake of his original stage in the future.
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Yay! Blanka was my 3rd main character in SF4 so I'll definitely play him. Piano imputs are back as well though
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I think I want a Blanka plushie model of literally the whole cast. I am halfway tempted to make them myself.
I've learned not to overestimate how good the trailers make someone look but Blanka is lookin pretty sick, I might check him out.

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