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Camera Mod Question

Hello, guys, I'm using the amazing Camera Mod made by nepafu since October, and since then I'm trying to find a hack that freezes the game during K. O Stage Transitions to use the camera freely, but sadly I haven't succeded on that Sad

Has someone here been able to do that?, if so, please help me.

Thanks in advance!


As far as I know there is no way to pause those stage K.O transitions.


Okay, hope someone finds the way to do it.

And thanks for the reply, pal! Smile

I'm afraid this is not the thread for common question of camera mod.

I use ct file made by nepafu on cheat engine.
I'm looking for how to fix character move like here.

In this first person camera movie,  I think chunli is fixed only x-axis.

Sorry  for my clumsy English.

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