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[Tutorial] How To Make and Import Custom BGM

(02-26-2018, 12:34 AM)Thund3rHawk Wrote: Will you ever make a video of you making one of the BGMs for reference because after step 11 also got lost, and also with the edit you made, I was trying to figure out which pakchunk it was that I was suppossed to reimport when I had my BGM in its folder, I tried to use it on the BGM itself and then I tried looking for the file one the Ripped Folder where I first extracted the whole thing. On the injection part I got confused on trying to inject it to this pakchunk too, for this part I followed the video they had on the dowload page and then got stuck from there. Thanks

After you convert songs to .ogg just use this.  It does everything for you.

when I try, I have "Corrupt data please verify installation" at launch =/
I don't know what's the problem ...

and for DBFZ OST Mod Maker, he's not update since one year, so ...

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