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About animation tool


It have been many years passed since the launch of SF4 on PC platform, and then since the first tools to mod it, like piecemontee0.37b or onoedit, both able to view animations or mod datas that aren't costume (like hitboxes and so on).
Same for SFXT even if we didn't got any tool to modify animations, dantarion have made a website with all datas and I was able to "easily" mod them (with higher time consuming than with onoedit tool).
Same for SSF4, USF4 (with onoedit updated, and a new very good tool named Frametrapped).
Same for SFV (i don't remember the tool name and it was time consuming)

For DoA5LR, we have many tools, some very elaborated, very good, clear, nice and so on to make costumes and stage.
But I'm wondering why, since at least 2 years have gone from launch, why we still don't have a tool that can modify non-costume datas (animations, hitboxes, frames, dmg etc)?
Unless I missed it, I never saw that kind of tool like onoedit for USF4 or frametrapped.

You could answer "do it yourself" or noone have made it yet, but by this time, we got 20+ tools for costumes and 0 for data edit?

Ink_reshuffle give access to .mpm files, and after checking inside, most animations are there, but still, we have to work "blinded" (I managed to change some animations for kasumi as exemple, but with "colateral damage" like some others animations took a few more frames even if I didn't do anything on them): change 1 animation, go in game to check what animation has changed, etc it is sooooo time consuming (and also only few parameters can be changed).

I'm wondering why, is it too difficult? we decrypted most files, so I still think it is doable (not by me hélas)

Enfin voila  Smile 

P.S: sorry if I made mistakes (faults?) in english (I try to improve with no use of google trad ^^)

I think it's mostly because people's focus is on costume mods. Some other aspects for modding were never really explored that's why there are no dedicated modding tools for those.
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