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Custom Skins/Models

Post/Download mods here.

Names mentioned in red color are not available or I didn't manage to find them, if you have those mods then please post them.

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Terry Bogard
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NOTE: If you're a modder then you can start posting your new stuff here, there is no need to wait for anything. As you will post mods the list below will be populated with the links to them.
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Previews courtesy of unclefestor

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Just curious here, but are there almost no mods for this game due to it being a huge pain to mod, or is there just no interest in the game?
[Image: cammy_by_slayer0fgod-d3hallq.jpg]


Never dived in it, I was mostly a Street Fighter modder with brief time spent on Dead or Alive 5 and Mortal Kombat 9 modding. Several other modders also came from SF modding background so maybe they aren't interested too. To be honest I have only seen Dead or Alive 5 modding taking a huge rise other than Street Fighter modding, most other games just get few mods and then go silent.

Fair enough. Thanks for the reply.

Shame though, KoF 14 is a decent game.

And it didn't go insane with DLC prices like DoA 5 did.
[Image: cammy_by_slayer0fgod-d3hallq.jpg]

The problem is KOF is a niche game compared to SF , so the interest in the game itself is low .
Also the game uses a new Engine made by SNK ,rather than UE4 which almost every recent fighting game uses .
So Modding is rather limited at the moment, Mesh mods are not possible yet , which is at least the reason I didn't make many mods for the game (since I'm not really interested in texture mods or music mods) .

Btw There is a guide on steam constantly updated about what can be modded in case you're interested in making mods yourself .

I did 3 mods today
just starting at this and need feedback

Love these !! Are you planning to share? Any more in the works?

(03-03-2018, 02:13 PM)firstballot Wrote: Love these !! Are you planning to share? Any more in the works?

yeah sure i will share, as soon as I finish the final touches

@saikyom any progress on your mods?

(04-13-2018, 12:43 AM)firstballot Wrote: @saikyom any progress on your mods?

I just downloaded the last update so i'll tweak the mods i already have and create new ones
I'm interested in najd Big Grin

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