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Game Maker? - Boxing game

I think I am going for the role of village idiot here, since I know absolutely nothing about anything it seems. 

I had an idea a few days ago that is probably horrible at face value. The idea in basic principle is something like this. If I were to code a fighting game, could someone create the art for it? Is this a "Mission Impossible" pipe dream? Looking at what I know, I had considered Unity or Game Maker as the vehicle but I know when it comes to creating anything art related I fall flat on my face.

I have so many ideas but sadly no real way to ever implement them.

It's not a horrible idea and creating a game is not impossible but it's a fact that it's not easily done. I personally think that time is the most important factor. Creating assets requires time and so does creating the game itself. Even if there's someone skilled enough, he's probably not doing it for free. Plus, with everything else IRL, it's difficult to devote to game development if it's not what you do for a living.
[Image: 4okIdt2.png]

It's not a mission impossible as we have seen several indie studios succeeding with small projects but there are many hurdles that you need to figure out if you're going to lead a team.

1) First and foremost assemble a team that's willing to work with you.
2) Have a solid idea that should make your team confident.
3) Initial investment to design/develop a prototype, that "prototype" is vital to promote your idea among people. This is how you get crowd funding or kick starter. Any indie team cannot afford a whole game by themselves.
4) A place where all of your team can work together physically, starting a new game over internet with your team living in different parts of the world is a bad idea.

If you achieve those four milestones then you can place early builds of your game on something like Steam Direct. That will generate some revenue and your game will get gain some popularity, that will help you take development further till you complete the project.

Mobile development is much easier for indie studios these days, just see what Rovio did with Angry Birds. They started something very small and almost free, it was a game that didn't even needed much art to begin with and now they are big and making a lot of money, you can start with something like that, it will probably just need 2 - 3 guys for a small mobile game, the idea should be good though. If you start making money that way then you can assemble a small team to make something bigger like a PC game.

How hard is it to actually make a character? I know the question is pretty vague, but I think it needs to be. I am not talking just making/modding the outfits for an existing character, but actually making the character from nothing.

As an aside, could something be done in SF5 as an example where Ken (or insert random character here in all honesty) were replaced by a whole new model/character? Could I end up with a game that had characters i liked instead in every roster spot? One of the problems I have with SF5 is that I like multiple outfits for certain characters. So could it be possible to swap out a character I care nothing for to instead have Laura in a different C1 based modded costume?

Ah well, this is what I get for waking up early and not bothering to form a coherent thought before rushing something that might accidentally resemble a reply to some extent. I never really even thought of #4, but at least I dont need to worry about any of that kickstarter, patreon, crowdfunding nonsense as the one thing I do have is that aspect mostly covered already.

Im currently creating a game together with two other people for our college thesis. We're using Unity. Since everything has to be original, we were required to start from scratch. We're not being paid for anything, on the contrary, we're spending on all the equipment we need and all the other expenses ourselves which sucks really.

As an artist, I can say that it's not that hard to create an original character. If you already have the skill to draw/design, all you need is your imagination. And since it's your own character, you're the boss. You can make him look how you want, either inspired by a character from another game or completely unique. The hard part is putting everything into place to bring your character to life and making it work flawlessly.
[Image: 4okIdt2.png]

Could you enlighten me as to roughly how much you have spent and on what it was spent on? I could only presume that I would be facing similar hurdles if I were to choose to go forward.

Well, I can't tell the exact amount but we would have spent more than a thousand dollars already by the end of the year. That's excluding everything that we already have and own prior to the start like our PCs which are what we need most. We also had to subscribe to a stable internet plan which isnt cheap. We try to minimize our expenses as much as possible since we're just students and we're not getting paid to do stuff that's why it's "just a thousand bucks" and not more and hopefully it stays that way.

If you really want to create a game, keep in mind that time and money go hand in hand. If you've got both, the only thing you need to worry about is building a skillful and hardworking team. Also, if you enjoy doing what you do, you wont feel pressured and getting things done will only get you more excited to do more.
[Image: 4okIdt2.png]

Well, I have PC's and stable internet so those things are already checked off the list. I also retired 12 years ago and work about 4 hours a day just to keep me out of the casinos. So time is not really a factor unless making good use of it actively matters. I know the minor issues that I have are a complete lack of skill and no real way to directly implement an idea that comes up in my head aside from writing it down.

If I "made a team" as it were, I would immediately become the most useless member of said team. Aside from a general idea and potential backing, I would offer nothing of value at present.

I dont think you'd be useless at all because you are gonna be the brain. Everything starts from an idea. Without it there'd be nothing to start with at all. If you can make it happen, all you need to do is be the boss.
[Image: 4okIdt2.png]

Well, then I guess I would be looking for a few people then. Anyone around these parts good with musical composition?

I have just started to play around a little bit with some concept images for what I had in mind. Keep in mind that everything is subject to change since this is like, 0% done right now.

I have not gone into developing any manner of an overylay to account for lifebars yet. I still have not decided on if I want to try to eventually have some manner of Fighting Vipers like thing in there that could result in a "wardrobe malfunction". Have to say that I am a pretty big fan of clothing being destroyed so I probably will end up focusing far too much of my time on something like that instead of developing a character and attempting to get the animations and/or sprite work done for it.
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I mocked up a title screen to try and keep my sanity while I am dealing with this nonsense of buying a house. 

I think I might have a character select screen if I somehow keep my concentration going throughout the weekend, but then all the things will go straight into the crapper because I will end up in uncharted territory with spriting being the next issue to handle. At least I know that I can deal with all the other fluff like the lifebars and such at a crude level. 

Guess I gotta start somewhere, right?
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Probably not the prettiest of character select screens, but it works. 

Show ContentCharacter Select Mockup:

Well, it works in so much that I have completed roughtly 30% of what I want this screen to end up looking like. There is an area in the middle that I want to utilize with some text that relates to the selected character. I will have the Confirm button underneath the bars in the middle once there is another screen to move onto. The last thing I thought about, and was fairly easily implemented into the screen was putting frames around each of the faces.

Not sure if I want to keep things like that or perhaps change the way the button frame looks. Probably I am going to consider a flat color throughout instead of the button style. I'll fiddle about with it while I try to finish up what the rest of the character select screen needs to have in it.

Show ContentBoosted Garbage:

Started work on the first sprite and I am not sure on a scale of dumpster fire to train wreck this ranks.. but I think this is about the best I am going to be able to do given that I never did anything like this before. Not entirely like me to try to qualify stuff like this, but I guess I cannot be perfect at everything I do. Barring any unforseen disasters with getting this into the game, I might have a small thing to work with to get all the screens and transitions to work properly.

Show Contentcharacter select:

I started working on the proper character select screen. Now I am sort of out of ideas for what I can put on the screen in the area underneath the "Nationality" part. I considered a "record" but that would be worthless information. Just sorta want to flesh things out a bit and not leave a part of the screen blank. The bottom left will be filled in with the extra characters and probably will have ? slots when I get around to coding the extra/hidden characters.

Just sort of out of ideas for what I can do with the middle section here. Feel free to throw a few things out there with what I could do. Preferably something that involves text only but I might be able to sneak in some manner of image as well. Anything is technically possible since I am in no way done designing menus or anything else for that matter. Just feel like I am trying to chip away at the mountain anywhere I can right now.

I have the VS screen which I have worked on to have the right characters show up in the right order so that just needs me to put the images into place. Then.. oh boy, do I have a mountain to climb once the battle begins. Between the formatting and sprite work I am already over my head. Guess I just have to go piece by piece just like anything else. 

Match Intro > Have a fade in and voice work for going between the boxers. At least I have a decent level of confidence with my voice over work. That should be pretty clean. All the other stuff after that, well I will see what happens.

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