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SFV - General And Technical Discussion Thread

General And Technical Discussion Thread

NOTE: As title suggests you can post anything general related to SFV here, got a news to share ? use this thread, facing a problem launching the game after an update ? that goes here as well or if you have general ranting against SFV, this is your place.

So lets start by sharing the new that we are getting new 30th anniversary costumes on August 29th, here are some screenshots.

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This is actually related to mods but it feels more at home here in this thread, I streamed a FT10 showmatch in the mysterious mod tonight which the SFDiscord hosted. It's a rainbow/omega type gameplay overhaul which got a surprising amount of viewers actually. I've got quite a few mods installed from you guys as well, I'm sure some of you will enjoy it:

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You know Firk - come on, Firkraag is too much of hazzle to write when you're lazy af as me, so I'mma call or Krag, or Firk, if that's alright - I loved the changes in gameplay. It looks sick and man, the loops are real, the second CA's are mostly very appealing, in visual at least. What I didn't like is what I don't like in vanilla gameplay, any kind of invinsible wall. Nothing wrong in bouncing like a basket ball, but invisible wall, imo, should be only possible in the corners. I know most people will say that it only comes if you spend an ex bar or something, but still, that's my opinion, like I said.

And some of the winning animations are just silly. I know they were made to be like that, funny ones and such, but I found them pretty silly tbh. Otherwise, nice stuff, such a sad thing that capcom didn't realize the potential to make a better gameplay with better options with it's own game. BTW, the ex cancel and v cancel were supposed to be on the game, as we have the data in our cfn stats on moves that should do them.

All in all, I dig. Now I only have two questions. First, does Gief still grabs you from a mile away? If we install the beta mod and go online, will we have problems - since it changes the gameplay core, I think I already know the answer, but since I'm an oldman who's constantly high on meds and strong pain, never hurt to ask if I'm not sure of something.

Ah, before I forget, seeing how you guys changed so much gameplay core, is it possible to remove the effects on hit? All the sparks and bubbles and such? Do you have any idea? Been looking for a mod that does that since forever.

Again, nice stuff, man. Sad that if I were to invite you to a free beating me up we wouldn't be able to play due to the lag. I don't think we could have more than 3 bars of connection. T__T

Great stuff, man, keep up the good work.
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Most people just call me Firk so that's fine. I'm glad you liked the matches!

I can't take much credit for the mod itself, I'm just a playtester and help out a bit with streaming, ideas and things like writing the patch logs. Now to some of the questions, Gief's command grab ranges haven't changed. You would not want to bring this mod online in ranked or casual match making as that would desync you and your opponent, Capcom has been known to ban for that in the past.

I think hit effects can definitely be changed with mods, not sure how though. Some of the animations are silly for sure but it's all in good fun. I'd play you if we would have a good connection. If you want to follow the mod and such you can join their discord here @

Firk it is, then.

I see, the matches with Gief the guy didn't abuse of spd's so I had to ask. And honestly, that's the only thing I think capcom should change in Gief's gameplay, that reach is too much, just too cheap that I as a long timer Gief warrior can't really play him without the feeling that I'm a cheap tier whore, lol.

Yea, as I was afraid. So it's good for offline and private lounges with people using the same mod, right? It rocks, man. It kinda reminds me of Tekken with all the bouncing and 'loops' with some combos. And hell, that Abi 50 something is absurd, lol. But I think you guys are walking in a good direction, like I said, imo, I'd only remove the invisible walls and that'd be it. And thanks, I'll keep an eye on it, for sure.

Actually, removing sparks/effects on hit it's something that have to do it with some ini tweaks, unfortunately, I don't know which ones. I used to a mod that a guy made for low spec pc's and it made it look great with a better machine, but the mod itself was too big, it had a lot of other modifications other than removing sparks and bubbles, and now it seems the guy stopped working on it 'cause people'd mock and hate his work. Bunch of fuckers, I'd totally be willing to let more than 2gb changes just to get that no spark on hit, but I don't know how to update to the new version of the game and I don't even know if his link still works. If you hunt for sfv low spec mod you'll find it. Sad the guy stopped, but understandable.

About playing with me, I'm afraid we wouldn't get a connection better than 3 bars. Either way, I'll add you later and maybe one day you can beat me up for free fm when we have those 10 lounge wins or such. I already have that agreement with our man Rob, lol.
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Menat will be released on 29th August together with  the 30th Anniversary Costume DLCs, so couple more days to wait.

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I don't want to sound like the pessimist or capcom hater, but after the patch the only thing really good I can say is Menat - and she needs a lot of work to be playable, specialyl with that damage output of hers - the whole 30th birhday just fell flat. You receive 30k fm, but we all know you can't do anything with it, I mean, a char or the cheapest stage costs 40k, the new colors range from 2k, 5k, 10k and 20k, you wouldn't be ablet to buy a complete set of colors to your character... And the new outfits, being totally honest, only Bison is 'good'. Guile looks awful, while Karin looks really good and they didn't mess the hair like we thought, the clothes clip and are bugged to hell, unfortunately.

Hope it's not only that that capcom have for us, casual players, and as a casual I must say SFV IS NOT casual friendly nor was designed to be.
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While Menat is definitely the Bae it feels like the character from S2 that'll probably stick around gameplay wise is Abagail, surprisingly .
He's yet another character that can randomly clip you and V-Trigger into 60% damage and almost stun, and that seems to be the common denominator in how to git gud at SF5.

I'm curious to see how much they plan on changing with SSF5 and how newer games affect the scene going forward.
DBZ Fighterz looks poised to completely blow up Marvel Infinite but Capcom's Esports scene is so huge players will probably play it anyway to try and get paid.

Wow... seriously, the Menat update takes me over an hour to DL...


It seems so, but maybe this SSV comes to change something for the better, gameplay wise? I mean, other than possible changes in CA and V-trigger, if Capcom doesn't patch some things in the gameplay it'll still be a game that doesn't feel like SF at all, and honestly, if they don't, they can put 60+ characters that it won't feel right and I'm pretty sure it'll still be a game that pros only play for money - like you said - 'cause as it stands right now, I don't remember anyone saying they like SFV, much less enjoy playing it. And if SSFV rumors are true, I hope capcom adds more offline/singleplayer content and 'fix' survivor, which is a bore to play more than once.

Sad to say this about a game I've loved for more than two decades and counting, but it's only alive in the scene because of the vast amount of money Capcom it's putting on the tourneys, if SFV didn't have such 'support', it'd be dead by now. I know it'd be for me, seeing how I only play because of the mods, otherwise I'd still be more focused on my beloved rpgs.
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Survivor mode is basically hell, and not the fun type...

You said it, and that's true. I can only play it, or grind it, if I'm using custom themes to replace the original ones so I can hope to have at least a bit fun while trying for the fourth time after losing the 73th batle. Oh, the frustration, and you don't even win anything, I mean, anything that's worth the time and effort you put into it.

And really, over an hour of download? I don't remember having to wait that long. I wouldn't even play I figure. That is other thing to feel what a letdown the game is atm.
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I really can't play survival mode legit anymore, I spent about 150h on it when the game was new and they cheated me out of so much time so now I just use a trainer for infinite life. I think I've wasted enough time in that mode to get any color.

Been playing Kolin a lot for little over a week now, liking her a lot just like when she was new but now there's not a lot of mirror matches it's even better. So think I found a nice secondary to R. Mika. Maybe we could get a Modder Base lobby going some night, would probably have to split it in between NA, EU and Asia though because of lag reasons.
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I think I've spent some 200h hours or more on survival, and I couldn't beat it everything with all chars. Should have used a trainer, too. Gonna look for that right after finishing this post, lol. That shit gets really annoying after the 70th fight, it's ridiculous, like the AI knowing every move you'd take before you actually doing it. Now I know better, eh.

Kolin it'd be my second main, can't call it a pocket char, though she's the one I've been playing the most recently. I approve and support a lobby night, though I feel left out in South America, lol. I think 4 connection bars isn't too bad and it's the average I get when playing NA people, though I think anyther region it'd have 3 at best. Anyway, I'd be in.
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Holy Chun-Li costumes, Batman:

Time to spend a whole day unpacking SF5 again, horray.

Glad to see the DLC department is earning their checks.
All the Chun Li costumes.  A new stage, and apparently music packs...?

I'm legit excited for the Cammy stage though, that thing was my jam.
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