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Site Changes


If it's working in one browser and not the other then I am not sure if it's something from the site but in case it's a site related problem then I think it has something to do with site's internal cache because in each and every case of post disappearance, the user found it working after a while, there isn't any case where the post was lost forever.


Yes bro I know about this update but I am skeptical about doing any big updates, this is my first experience with MyBB too so I don't know what can go wrong. I'll read everything about carrying out MyBB updates and the risks involved before doing it on site.
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Just to let you guys know that Google silently discontinued Captcha v1 so registration on forum wasn't working from last couple of days, I upgraded the Captcha version to v2. I checked it myself and it's working but it will be good if you guys try the registration page too and see if Captcha is working fine.
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Bro, if what you mean by "Captcha v2 is working fine" is that we can click it to see the checkbox got ticked, yes it works fine here on my side (I test with Firefox and Chrome). Note that I don't actually register a new dummy name though.
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No need to create a dummy account bro, if the Captcha window is appearing and you can pass the human test then it's working fine. It's more of a staff thing but since it was affecting registration I wanted to record the change here along with some testing from you guys.

Thank you for taking a look bro.
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Two changes (suggested by @robhal ):
1. Placed outset borders for code and quote blocks instead of just a left border so codes and quoted posts are closed off from other texts.
2. Navigation added at the bottom (just below the page numbers, and new reply and post thread buttons) which was previously only found at the top.
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Feel free to hit me up in the future. If you guys decide to ever wanna change the background, to have something a bit more custom.

Signature created by me! PM me for one. They're $5

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