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Useful Tools

Useful Tools

NOTE: Post useful tools here, links will be populated in this post.

SFV Pak Mod Manager - FrostHaven

FluffyQuack's Mod Manager - FluffyQuack

Frame Trapped V

Toolassisted Oki

Toolassisted Footsies

U4Pak A tool to pack/unpack PAK files, mostly used for modding purposes.

UModel - Gildor

ColorEdit Tool A tool to edit costume colors.

MoveTool SFV moveset editing tool.

TexJector 1.2 - BrutalAce. A tool to inject DDS textures in UASSET files (not perfect).

SFV CheatEngine Script - Nepafu. A tool to slow down and position characters, camera, plus other stuff.

Ghisler File Manager - THEJAMK

SFV Mod Updater For Season 2 - unknown author - provided by FvckBringer

Camera Script - Nepafu
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This tool automaticallty updates character mods before patch 2.0, just drag the pak. file into one of the bats files and it'd done. If you don't know the old code or if it's more than one, drag it to the any bat and it'll also do the work, though a bit slower.

Unfortunately, I'm not the one who creatted this tool and I don't who it was, so if someone knows, credit him/her.

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I have a question. How does the camera mod work? Is Nepafu's script something you have to add somewhere in a folder? I've seen all of the awesome shots people have taken and would like to join in on the fun!
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I would also like to know how to use Cheat Engine and Nepafu's script. Can anyone explain how to use it or is there a video tutorial somewhere?

When I try to use Cheat Engine it seems to crash SFV AE.
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First step is to drop this file in the autorun folder located inside CheatEngine installation directory.!jl0gTRDA!A-xFLo0GqZ29o...bF3czzVtxc

SFV and many other games have a shoddy defense mechanism of detecting CheatEngine by reading application name so when they find an application by the name of Cheat Engine, they shut themselves down. The file I linked above change the name of Cheat Engine. After putting this file when you run Cheat Engine you'll see that the name of the window will be "Something" instead of Cheat Engine.

second step is to go in Cheat Engine settings then click on Debugger Options and select "Use VEH Debugger" option.

Third step is to launch Nepafu's script first then run the game, minimize it down during a battle and hook Cheat Engine to it then you can start experimenting with script options and see how they affect the game.
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Does u4pak.exe not work on windows 10? when i try to make a .pak file instead of windows command prompt popping up, windows powershell prompt pops up. I input the commands to make the .pak file and it doesn't work but when i use my cousins computer with windows 7 it works.


It works on Win 10 however by default Win 10 doesn't offer you command prompt, you have to enable it manually. Just google how to enable command prompt windows 10 and you'll get it.

I hope this is the correct place for this; I can't seem to get my mods to work. I'm doing the re-read game option, then installing, but it's not working. I have a mod for Ryu for example, its a C2 mod, and I have his story costume, but it isn't working. What can I do?

You are using MM (from FluffyQuack), right? Here are steps:
1. Ensure your game is fully updated from Steam and from in-game (atm the latest version is v3.003, you can this from in-game).
2. Then you have to uninstall/deactivate all mods first from MM, then you do the "re-read game archives" option, then installing the mods again.

done that, it said Saved game info from game archives to Games/SF5/ArchiveList.bin Then I install the mods again, start the gam via the MM and the mods still don't work. Also, MM has been crashing on me.

Then I suppose you can also try on other install methods (pak file via PMM or "manual copy pak file to Paks\~mods folder").

PMM worked! Thank you!
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(01-22-2018, 09:30 PM)BrutalAce Wrote: @wtbrian

It works on Win 10 however by default Win 10 doesn't offer you command prompt, you have to enable it manually. Just google how to enable command prompt windows 10 and you'll get it.

Thanks alot, just got it working


Your most welcome Smile

Hi, BrutalAce, TexJector 1.2 sometimes dose not work with some mods, will you have plan to improve it ?

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