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[Tutorial] How to modify easter egg codes

I am reposting this as a separate thread so it doesn't get buried in the original thread.

Modifying easter egg code by hex editing the material preset file only

open a material preset file and scroll down to the very bottom, you should see something like this

[Image: Untitled-1.jpg]

the red highlighted parts are the 2 versions of the costume, first one being no code, second one being code.

after the red parts, comes the materials. every 4 hex values represent one material, which are in the order they are assigned to the model. 

the parts highlighted in blue which is 00 00 00 00 , means that the material is visible in that costume version.

the parts highlighted in green which is hex FE FF FF FF or text þÿÿÿ, means that material is hidden in that costume version.

so simply paste þÿÿÿ for stuff you want to hide, or 00 out the parts you want to un-hide. swap them if you simply want to switch the code.

for example, taking R. Mika cheerleader which couldn't be done before due to Apex skirt and shared material names, can be done by just editing the material preset.

I used the code, the pom poms show up. the cpu did not use code (obviously) and has no pom poms.

[Image: Untitledb.jpg]

and here is the mod

Making 2 different costumes in one slot

the trick to this is to use Cammy's Fiona (C12) data asset files. That is the only costume in the game I'm aware of to have a totally different costume in the code version.

it has a total of 51 materials

10 which are for both, 14 for the default, and 27 for the code version. that should be more then enough to accomplish what you need. (however you can change this by editing the material preset as shown above)

I mapped out the material order (counting in hex, which is important later) of what material is for what


00 = X
01 = X
02 = X
03 = X
04 = X
05 = B
06 = X
07 = A
08 = B
09 = A
0A = A
0B = A
0C = A
0D = B
0E = B
0F = B
10 = B
11 = B
12 = B
13 = B
14 = B
15 = B
16 = B
17 = B
18 = B
19 = B
1A = A
1B = B
1C = B
1D = B
1E = B
1F = B
20 = B
21 = B
22 = B
23 = A
24 = B
25 = A
26 = A
27 = X
28 = B
29 = A
2A = B
2B = B
2C = X
2D = X
2E = A
2F = A
30 = X
31 = A
32 = A

(again, this you can change this order by editing the material preset as shown above)

when you merge the 2 mods skeletons and meshes, the order of the material needs to be rearranged in that order. if you need to skip one of those materials (and don't want to edit the material preset), you will still need to have a material assigned to some geometry in that slot. (you can make a material called blank and assign one face behind the eyeball that no one can see)

after rearranging the order of materials, now your colours should be fucked, along with missing colour slots for the other costume. 

to fix this, you can either add colour slots to your existing using @Killbox 's guide

or you can copy and paste the hex values of the colours into cammy c12 customize setting files (or colour tool) since it has many slots already

but if you want 15 colors, or EX colours, find an existing customize setting file with the colour slots you need that has 15 colors, or EX colours

once you have your customize setting file, you will need to connect them to the materials properly 

[Image: Untitled.jpg]

after all the colours in hex, there should be usually an H or a Πor some kind of other symbol. use that symbol as a guide. move 4 hex spaces to the left of that symbol, then down 3 hex spaces and that number (in red) represents the material. using the list I listed before, type the hex number of the material to connect that colour to that material.

now from that number, move 4 hex spaces to the left, and 2 hex spaces down and that number (in red) represents what colour of the mask texture to use.

I have yet to find some consistency in these hex vales, some use 

07, 08, 09
09, 0A, 0B
0A, 0B, 0C

so just look at what 3 the customization setting file you are editing uses and use that. 

that should be it, but you need to make sure the cammy C12 data asset files are converted correctly to the slot you are using with the magic numbers and what not

small guide on how to swap the 10+ costume and costume preview files without the need to "borrow" from another costume.

[Image: Untitled.jpg]

in Cammy c12 costume file for example, that blue highlighted 0D is her magic number, but all the red 0D is her bonus magic numbers. so for her costume and costume preview files, all the 0D's that are AFTER the English text on the right, not the ones before, all the ones after the English text have to be replaced with the new "magic numbers". maybe not all of them are magic numbers, but I haven't seen an issue renaming all of those.
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