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How to create custom OST mod (Updated, 11/29/2020)

This tutorial will show how to create your own custom OST mod/pak file for DragonBall FighterZ, thanks to RGrimaldi's "FighterZ Music Tool (FMT)".

Here is a link to the tool:

1). Download the tool, extract, and locate the program. Run, and select between the sections:
  • Character Themes
  • Stage Themes
  • DLC Music
  • Menus
2). Click the icon of the desired track you wish to replace, make sure your new music file is saved as a .ogg, for the tool only supports that file type.
If you wish to convert your music file, I highly suggest using audacity to do so. Also keep in mind, your music file cannot exceed the original file size,
so in the case, you can reduce the quality of the conversion in audacity to shrink the file size. Or if you want, just edit the file to be small enough.

3). Once selected, go to the top right corner and click the "Upload" icon, select your file, and done.

4). Once youve selected and changed your OST, click the "Package" button at the bottom, and your pak file will be located in the folder named "services". the 
file name will be "fmt.pak". Simply place in your mod folder, and your all set.

Notes/Tips: If you want to remove a song youve already changed, under the upload button will be a red X button to remove the track. Once done, you will have
to repackage, and replace the original one you made if you made one already.

Another cool tip is that the tool saves your changes even after closing the program. You can head over to the settings and clear its database to start fresh.

Take note, if you dont have the DLC Music purchased, you cant change those tracks.

[Image: 1598864775_tuto_01.PNG]

For anyone having trouble or just wants an ost made without the work in-between, I do requests and can answer any questions.
[Image: 19f46e39f758d11c5fedab2350d1f303.jpg]
Discord: AegisGN#9673
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