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MicroKnightmare's Character Mods/Swaps (Accepting Requests for Mods!)

Brad as Naotora mod ?

Hi MicroKnightmare,

I'm really interested in learning about how you did these character swaps. Which file(s) did you edit in Movie Data Editor? I had used the TMC Bone Tool method before to swap from female to female, but I didn't know it could also be used for female-to-male swaps. I noticed that some swaps made using TMC Bone Tool had some animations that were a little bit off, so I have been using the _cmn_face.MPM swap method instead (this doesn't work for female-to-male swaps, unfortunately).

Using your method, is it possible to swap from any female to any male? I'm particularly interested in swapping onto Bass, Bayman, and Leon; have you tried swapping onto any of these characters before?

I look forward to your response  Smile
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After downloading your character swap files and reading the readme you provided, I now understand a little more about how you are making these swaps. One thing I am having trouble understanding is how you modified the .MPM files. I'm guessing you exported the .CSVs of the corresponding source character's .MPM files (i.e. Nyotengu) and imported these .CSVs into the target character's .MPM files (i.e. Brad), but I'm not quite sure yet how you got around the different motion counts in different .MPM files. I'm guessing it has something to do with the "Ignore Frm", "Add", and/or "Keep Pos" options...? Do these options affect imports only, or exports as well? I suppose I will continue experimenting to find out; I will add another post if I figure it out or perhaps @MicroKnightmare will bless us with a response Smile

I've also got a question. To these character swaps change the voices as well? Would like to know before installing this mod blind.

[Image: bOmgB.jpg]

"What could possibly go wrong?"

i think MicroKnightmare he's busy

Sorry guys, I've been away for awhile. Let me answer your guys' questions now:

@RyonaFiend The way I've been doing the swaps is ultimately through the use of Blender. What I do is, basically, import the TMC of the model I wish to use and go from there. I do this by using dtk's other Blender plugins, the DOA5 Motion Importer and Bone Motion Exporter. I'll explain more in an upcoming post, but overall, it's not really hard. The hard part is the face animations, which I will try to answer in my tutorial (which I need to finish). I can teach you how I do it, if you wanna try it for yourself, RyonaFiend. PM me and I'll be able to give you the in depth.

@AGSIndustries Long answer, the way the mods work is by replacing the animations only and I haven't been able to do much research into audio modding. Short answer, no, the model swaps do not contain the voices.

@fatestaycs I'm back, for the time being, sorry for the wait fate. Smile
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Cool Stuffs!

Do you still get the requests?
If I have a chance, I'd ask you that Bass to Tina mod.

It's an interesting idea, maybe one that many have thought up.

You're the one who I see has a folderfull, that's cool! Thanks for the swaps!

more mod

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