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Hiding Ada Wong Materials (Kolin's C8)

I been trying to hide Kolin's C8 default costume (her Ada Wong costume), and, for some reasons, it doesn't work.

I want to reveal her easter egg version (her classic long red dress - I don't like her default Ada costume). In order to do that, I had to hide the following materials:

- CM_Z20_08_E09_Hair_2
- CM_Z20_08_E10_metal_2

- CM_Z20_08_E11_boots_gloves
- CM_Z20_08_E12_holster_gun 
- CM_Z20_08_E13_Shirt_pants
- CM_Z20_08_E16_metal_3

With the hider material (, it's easy to hide E11, E12, E13 and E18. The problem comes with the other three materials.

This is the first time I see this, but the mesh doesn't match with those materials. Hair_2, metal_2 and metal_3 are called Hair, metal and metal respectively in the mesh file (even inside the materials):

Show ContentMaterials:

If I try to edit the names, to match accordely with the mesh and invisibily them properly, those parts turn gray in the game; I tried to change the material names on the mesh files to match with other materials (it worked with other characters), but that did nothing.

Maybe I'm missing something, but this driving me crazy Angry Of course, I can't go through Blender/UE4 to delete those parts because the skirt physics break.

Any idea about this? Sad
[Image: tC082HC.jpg]

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