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Segadordelinks' SS Mods

Charlotte Lighter
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This is my first mod for Samurai Shodown.
Sadly, I couldn't fix the crash when receiving a fatality. So I decided to replace the Retro-3D costume, which is never sliced.
All 4 colors included. I also edited the thumbnail.

How can i extract and mod characters? I have a few ideas since a long time ago, Thanks in advance

@Crane : It's similar to other Unreal games. I'll answer in a PM.

Genjuro Lighter
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Genjuro getting rid of those nasty clothes.

Replaces Genjuro's Retro-3D costume.

All 4 colors included.

Also included the thumbnail. This game uses a single file for all normal thumbnails and another one for all retro thumbnails, so I can't edit them one by one like in Soul Calibur 6. Because of that, this is the last time I'm gonna add the thumbnail. "Thumbnails Both" will edit the thumbnails for both Genjuro and Charlotte Lighter mods.

So those retro costumes can be replaced? Oh, good. They look freaking awful.

Yeah. They have some limitations, but can be replaced.

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