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Whole Tc Embroidery Fabric

鈼嶰ur History
Our factory established more than 15 years.
Have experience in textile business, designing and researching.
鈼嶰ur Factory
We have an experienced team in home textiles and fabrics, have own manufacturing base.
鈼嶰ur Product
Bedding items, home textiles, curtain, pillow, duvet, cushion, fabrics, lace, embroidery items, emblem, motif, textile machine鈥?/p>
鈼嶱roduct Application
For home and garments.
鈼嶰ur Certificate
Certificate of quality, ISO.
鈼嶱roduction Equipment
Sewing machine, quilting machine, over lock machine, multi-head embroidery machine, shuttle embroidery machine.
鈼嶱roduction Market
More than 70 main countries.
鈼嶰ur Service
To ISO9001 standard, quality control, after sale service.Whole Tc Embroidery Fabric

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