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How to make music mods for Granblue Fantasy Versus

Alot of people are struggling with this for some reason so i'm writing a quick guide on how to get your music mods working.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Audio Modding Guide

1. Get your audio files. your audio files need to be encoded as a wav file. Use something like audacity or Goldwave to save your audio files as a wav, do all the necessary cuts an edits to make it loop. Take note that songs do not loop in training mode, they only seem to loop in versus mode.

2. Drop your file in the correct folder structure. Currently its Content/Audio/BGM so place it there.

[Image: GR9RTPQ.png]

3. Disable pak files in your project settings. this will make it so when you package your project afterwards it doesnt put it in a pak file. Hit Edit/Project Settings and click "Packaging" in the side bar. turn off "Use Pak File"

[Image: oPN1PS0.png]

4. Package your Project. Click File and scroll down to Package Project, make sure to Package Your Project as Windows (64-bit).

[Image: ASWKGn6.png]

5. Pak your mod using Unrealpak. Unrealpak is a fork of one of Epic's packaging tools, we're packaging it this way rather than in engine because we can eliminate the filler files that would bloat the mods file size aswell as files that may effect other mods.

Unrealpak can be downloaded here.

Create a folder where you have placed Unrealpak that is the name of your mod, in that make a folder called RED, then drop the directory that leads to your audio files. Content, Audio, BGM.

 [Image: 2Tfot0d.png]

Drag and drop your mod name foldered in one of the bat options for Unrealpak.

6. Create a signature file. Normally these would be created in engine but we need Granblue's Pak Signature, luckily this is the easiest thing to do, head to your Paks folder and make a copy of the sig file that is there (file with the .sig extension).

Folder Location
\...\Granblue Fantasy Versus\RED\Content\Paks\

Name your signature file the exact same as your mod file that you have just packaged. place both files in your ~mods folder like you do with your normal mods.

7. Test your mod!

If you have done everything correctly should work in game. Once you know how this works you can literally churn out audio mods, this shouldnt be a big issue. Have fun  Wink
Any other problems message me here.

I did not understand well the first steps of this guide also, what program do you use in the first steps ???
If you could explain it to me I would appreciate it very much.
From what I have been able to read, you have to put somewhere the correct name of the file which you want to replace, where can I find a list of those files, or what should I do to get them ??? and when making the mod where is that name placed ???
From already thank you very much.

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