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How to update cheat engine pose editor script

Hello everyone ^^

Since cheat engine pose editor need to be the right script ( eg: 3.080 for the 3.080 patch of SFV) in order to work, i noticed on their site they don't have it for past 4.0 so ive wondered if it was possible to manually update the cheat engine pose editor script so it would work with sfv 4.070 patch (which include the 3 new chars)?

Thx in advance, stay safe!

ho, so that's why I can't make it work... I can't help you but at least, I know what's happening now

I'm updating it every patch
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Oh yes, it works now ! Thank you very much Big Grin !!

(04-30-2020, 10:11 AM)nepafu Wrote: I'm updating it every patch

can you show how pls i just updated the game ,your script i tested it worked just fine, but this nakayo script don't i mean the values i change have no effect i tried older versions same issue ,i noticed that it has no Lua script in it (when hit the command ctrl+alt+l) i also tried the Lua from your script which didn't help either Confused !

any ideas how dis supposed to work?
Thanks in advance.


(04-30-2020, 10:11 AM)nepafu Wrote: I'm updating it every patch

Thx Nepafu you are the MVP!   Big Grin for which sfv patch is it ? Im on the 4.070 and it doesn't work.
By any chance how do you update them pls?

Good week!

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