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Trouble installing Mods?? HERE'S YOUR SOLUTION

OK now this thread is going to be a biggie. I HOPE. I know a lot of people are having trouble installing mods, getting pak files to work, setting up mod manager, extracting pak files and so on. So what this thread will provide for everyone is a fully functioning mod manger setup, with mods that YOU SPECIFICALLY use for Street-Fighter 5. I will have everything setup for you so you can download and extract a fully working mod manager with all your mods setup properly in proper order, category, with screenshots (can delete if not wanted). I will take all your mods you have and do the work of extracting them, properly sorting them and setting them up for a simple clean process for you. Once again. I will do this on a donation basis. I'm stuck at home so need to make the best of it. I'm very good at this stuff. You can see my nude swap thread to see people's happiness with my work and so forth. As long as you are fair with me and don't give me 60 mods to setup and donate 1 dollar then I will leave this set at a donation basis only. I've seen all the questions. I've read through all the help that's been needed, I've seen a lot of people having trouble getting stuff to work, especially with newest updates to the game. I'm hoping this will eliminate any trouble people have in installing mods, in non functioning mods, in load order issues and more. I know there might be tutorials and help here and there for some of these issues, yet I have seen even then, some people still struggle. I am hoping to help those people. If you are interested in what I am offering. Feel free to send me a msg and we can get started. Again I am stuck at home so turnaround time should not be too long, of course does depend on how many mods you have.


1. Fully customized Mod-Manager Setup
2. All your mods in order, extracted, with screenshots, folders or categories.
3. Can do your camera fixes, costume swaps, stage mods, everything in 1 clean swoop.
4. Will provide you once complete with a link to download and extract into a directory of your choosing.
5. This will be on a donation basis, as this will be a lot of work for each member.

END RESULT- A fully fuctioning mod manager with 100% working mods for your game.

Questions you may ask


  Q. How will I know what directory your game is?
  A. You will give me that information and I will have the install directory and game path specific to the information you give.


  Q. How many mods can I setup for you?
  A. As many as you want, just treat me fairly on the amount of work you give me towards your donation.


  Q. How do you give me the mods you have or need help with?
  A. You will either send them to me in a compressed link in a msg, or, chances are, I already have the mods.


  Q. How will I supply you with a finished product?
  A. Same way you would give me the mods you have, I will set it up, then compress everything into a smaller package and upload it for you to download in 1 or if you prefer, multiple links in either google drive or mega, to          extract and place in the directory you chose for setup.

I think that's about it, hopefully I'm creating threads to help members that are in need, again I've learned a lot, and want to turn around and put what I have learned to good use. If in turn you guys support my efforts then fantastic. I can be up there with the greats.

Well guys, hopefully you like the thread, leave me a comment if you would like a setup. Send me a msg so we can get started. I'll leave links below for my nude swap thread as well as my original outfit swap thread. My PayPal for all donations is listed below as well. Remember F&F with no notes. I look forward to working with, and helping all of you guys out.

My Nude Swap Thread -
My Original Outfit Swap Thread -
PayPal for all my supporters -
[Image: ZG76RsI.png]

Nude Swap Thread For All Nude Swaps

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