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The Coronavirus thread

Hello everyone, I'm fine and I really hope you're doing well too Smile 

Stay healthy and safe, don't forget to protect yourself, we will overcome this crisis

You can share here your thoughts, experiences, advice or anything on your mind.
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I am fine as well bro.
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Stay safe everyone! Don't expose yourselves and wash your hands often to stay healthy. Let us stay apart today to be able to hug each other more closely tomorrow ♥

As me, there are many people who are in a high risk group, but we can go through this together! Smooch

[Image: VGLPPvk.gif]
[Image: tC082HC.jpg]
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@robhal Happy to know it bro, stay safe

@Leonaura Indeed, washing hands in mandatory and let's all stay healthy
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Thanks for this.
It's getting annoying in the states, everyone is panic-buying everything, no frozen food or canned goods at all in the grocery stores anymore. (And no toilet paper either  Rolleyes)
And people are panic buying guns too!  Sad

I'm more worried about crazy people than the Corona virus, frankly. 
But video games help a lot to keep my mind off of things.  Tongue Thank god Nioh 2 just dropped.

Hope ya'll stay safe out there, seriously.
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@sleepy_scrub Stay safe man, it's the same everywhere in the world, people are panic-buying everything and it's increasing everyday

Indeed I'm worried about this "Guns panic buying" as it can lead to something worse than the virus itself, people think the world will go "The Walking Dead" soon -_-

Anyway stay healthy man and stay strong.
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