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Make a character invisible

Hey guys!

I run a yearly tournament in Wellington New Zealand and we are in the midst of making the trailer for it. Part of the trailer will involve well known players taking the place of their characters and doing their animations, so we are wanting the ability to remove a character in say their intro and i figured this would be the best place to ask!

My initial thoughts are to somehow make the characters opacity to zero, obviously its a lot more complicated but this is how i'm thinking at the moment.
An example would be Uriens outro, where he walks up to the defeated character and uses metallic sphere at the camera.
If this has been done before or there is a way to make this happen, i would love to hear it!


its been done before
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Automatic Costume Slot Conversion Script


Check the first post of the thread below

Scroll down to the EXTRA section and you will see such mod there. But keep in mind that I probably can't help you further as I still don't have any internet access for my computer yet (typing this post with my phone).

Thanks so much guys!
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I can do it, which mod do you want invisible? I can do any mod you want.
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