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Modding toolset

Here's a toolset I created to help with modding. Thanks to Aluigi for the Decryptor & help with the script functions.

GGXrd Rev 2 Modding ToolSet

How to use unpacker:

1.) Extract Contents

2.) Place files you want to mod in the "Encrypted_Files" folder

3.) Double-Click on "Decrypt Files"

It will decrypt, decompress & extract contents of all files located in the "Encryppted_Files" Folder and create 3 new folders. Decrypted_Files, Unpacked, & Extracted. For those that want to poke around the files you'll want to look at the Extracted folder it's where you'll find your UE3 Tables. The Unpacked folder contains all the decrypted & decompressed files, which is what you'll need to work with.

So the files are packed similarly to MKX & Tekken 7. Meaning we need to work on MipMaps individually. Textures are either DXT5 or DXT1. If the main texture contains an Alpha Channel it's DXT5 otherwise it's DXT1. You can verify which one by opening the extracted dds in a hex viewer. You'll need to Photoshop Action file used for Tek7 & MKX to make editing the MipMaps easier. Remeber to always same each texture WITHOUT mips.

How to use Texture exporter:

1.) Place the "Unpacked" costume file you want to mod in the "Input" Folder.

2.) Double-Click "1_Export_GGXrd_Textures"

3.) There will be 2 new Folders "Texture" & "Output"

4.) Modify the Textures & Corresponding MIPS

5.) Navigate to the Scripts Folder & open "" in a text editor

6.) Goto Line 7 & edit where it says: "CHP_MAT_0101_SF" // <------- change this  Change the filename contained in Quotes to whatever filename you're working on. Save the file.

7.) Double-Click "2_Inject_GGXrd_Textures"

8.) Navigate to the output folder and you'll see your new file. 

This exporter script correctly extracts all files, and attempts to input DXT format, however, because NameTable entries can differ, and I don't know how to have the script read the information contained in a different file, Not all textures will have correct DXT format in Header. Some might be labeled as DXT1 but should be DXT5 (Texture will appear with lines running through it) BUT, you can easily open it in a hex editor and change it from DXT1 to DXT5). And then save it as such, along with its corresponding Mips.

The Decryption script doesn't decrypt all files. I'll see if Aluigi can fix that.

EDIT 2: 

So, not every file is encrypted. I updated the toolset with a new Decryption script by Aluigi and a new bat file. Now after the decryption is run. it pauses. If the file was not encrypted it tells you immediately. So simply move the file from the encrypted folder to the Decrytped_Files folder and press any key in the cmd window to continue with the process.

If it proceeded with the decryption process, then just press any key when prompted.
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Here's an update Texture Script which contains more nametable ref's for wider compatibility with characters. It also includes a new Decrypt.bat file that automates the decryption process (I had disabled that for debugging purposes, and forgot to add it back)

Script Update 01
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Toolset updated


Thanks for the tool Smile

I am try to mod Ramlethal's textures, but all i see are black textures when I extract it. I am extracting RAM_MAT_0101_SF and RAM_MAT_01_SF. are those the correct files to extract?


seems the same thing happens with other characters i have tried, it just extracts black textures. the only one that I found that extracts proper textures is CHP_MAT_0101_SF that you used in your example.


Hi, i'm trying to figure out how to mod the textures or swap for KY kiske.

I followed everything but i'm having trouble with the process. I want to swap and replace Ky's NO#1 outfit for Rev2. and then upload it to Rev2's nexus page.

The outfit below is exclusive to Guilty Gear XRD "SIGN"   
Outfit NO# 10

[Image: JMJc.png]

[Image: NMJc.png]

I tried everything i can think of in order to make it work For "Rev 2" but no progress. the outfit for Ky's SIGN outfit can be found below

Any more files requested or required from Xrd "SIGN" i can give in order to aid if necessary. It just sucks that this outfit was removed from rev 2, it's an awesome outfit.

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