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Swap movesets/Super moves

Hi, Smile

I was wondering how to swap movesets/Super moves to other characters? I've been searching around the site and I don't know where to start.
Thanks in advance I hope to learn a lot from this site and there looks to be a lot of helpful and friendly people here. Heart

No help with this?

You can try reaching @Killbox as he is proficient in the moveset modding as you can see in his thread below
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(03-17-2020, 01:13 PM)RyKen Wrote: No help with this?

open the Chara id folder you want to swap

In DataAsset folder Hex edit the AnimSeq/PsList/traillist to reference the character that you want it to be swapped to

In BattleResource folder go to the latest Number under 500, 500+ is boss movesets, currently the game is on 041 if im correct
Hex edit all those files to mention the chara id you are swaping it to

In Chara/XXX folder hex edit the DA_XXX_BattleResourceList to reference the character you want it to be swaped to

Make a mod structure


Test mod if done correctly it will work

Make sure you only hex edit the Parts referencing the current file that you are editing and not every Instance of the character id (the structure ur looking for is mostly the entire folder structure of the file) example "Game/Chara/XXX/DataAsset/DA_XXX_AnimSeqWithIdContainer" you will also find 2 entries of this but one is just "DA_XXX_AnimSeqWithIdContainer"

For the Battleresource you will mostlikely have to edit all the Chara ID's and rename the files ofc

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