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Modding Discussion Thread

Zero, those mods look awesome! I can't wait to use them!

I think I messed up the format of my reply, it doesn't seem to have put your post in quotes for some strange reason.

zeroHi I am not new to modding. I have done some work in DBXV Resident evil 1 to 6 plus the Revelations and Remastered. Haydee. DMC4 and SE and a few others. but I am Very new to SFV and Unreal stuff lol.

I noticed a lot of nice work and a lot of great people.

I would like to get my hands in action with this games specially MVCI.

I noticed that Zemoddah from the old forum posted some nice work here

I got it Quick but there are a few things

Dxt5 pics have a different size on the mipmaps and there in not inffo about the size of the header for the beginning of the 6th mipmap nor the lenght of the space in between them like in dxt1 is separated by 64 bytes of information, so a length of 20 bytes but since the Dxt5 is bigger this changes that.

Also how did he find the length of the headers in the uexp?

I noticed that the uexp header for Dxt5 and BC5=normal maps are different from the Dxt1

How did you find the beginning of the 6th mipmap and the space between them like in the DXt1?

I did some work on Morrigan and Captain Mrs Marvel NSFW lol but I still need to edit the uexp for the Normal maps and some SSS and other maps but I don't know how to find the beginning of the the mipmap nor the length between them  

Show ContentNSFW:

Show ContentNSFW:

Also some work with Captain Mrs. Marvel
Show ContentNSFW:

Any help with the inffo about the 6th mipmap for the uexp for the BC5 and DXT5 and the distance between the 6th and 7th and so on will be really apreciated. Thanks in advance. Also these mods are not perfect due to the mesh and will be fixed as soon as a tut about mesh editing for MVCI is posted. THanks again
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Hi, all. I'm new here and i have a question about MVCI's modding.
Does anyone know if it's possible to mod stages in this game as of yet or is anyone working on any stage mods at all?
[Image: giphy.gif]
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I am Curious are any of the Premium skins able to be ripped and then downloaded by someone that has not purchased them? I ask this because I forgot to preorder the game but still bought on release date but didn't get the skins like Evil Ryu which I want BAD! I was just thinking since the skins can be altered could these not be ripped from someone that has access to them then used in place of a color on the normal skin?

P.S. Another skin that would be good is the Spider-Man Homecoming Skin which seems to only be obtainable by preordering the Spider-Man Homecoming Movie.


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A breakthrough! Congrats!! Figuring out the new Unreal Engine is going to be a huge deal if all of these games switch versions moving forward to implement the input lag fix.

(Also if there's any game that needs mods to save the day, it's MVCI, lol).
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Hello everyone. I'm new to the modding scene and have a question: Since textures are being replaced is it possible to replace text in the game as well? [I can make the comic fonts used in UMvC3 and hope they can be added in the game.] Thanks for reading Smile

Is it possible to use this in MVC I to reduce loading times?


@Ryo Hazaki
It's not possible because the mod modifies the character/stage select related file which is ofc different between SFV and MvCI.

(02-08-2018, 08:31 AM)robhal Wrote: @Ryo Hazaki
It's not possible because the mod modifies the character/stage select related file which is ofc different between SFV and MvCI.

Thank you for the response. By the way are there any tutorials on how to replace stages on MVCI?

I asked earlier if text could be altered in game. I'm a graphic noob but here's some of my work from MUGEN. If text can be changed I can make any Capcom / comic book font. Thanks for reading.
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[Image: HYPER_3.png]
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