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Help! Editing mods

Hey guys i'm new here.
I never created a mod before but I found this mod for SFV that I really love...except it has an acessory that I find a bit ugly and I'd like to remove it (and change some textures here and there maybe Tongue)
This is for personal use of course, since I know modders put a lot of work in these. So the question is: How do I remove this especific accessory? 
I tried Robhal's "hiding costume parts" tutorial but It didn't work cause the part seems to be custom made by the modder. So I probably gonna have to edit it mannually right?
I got Unreal Engine 4, blender, umodel and some tools I found while trying to fix this but I really don't know where to start.
Is there a tutorial already for this?

Sorry for being a nuisance right from the start, its just that I really want to do this.
Any help is appreciated Heart

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