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Custom Skin/Models

MVCI mod Mash Up Thor
[Image: mvci_mod_mash_up_thor_by_monkeygigabuster-dcdg4yz.jpg]
[Image: XraiYnJ.jpg]
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i got on a random kick and fell back into the modzone because carol is dope

[Image: u3fBDSi.jpg]

Major Danvers (PS4 exclusive) over Default Costume

[Image: jeSUk5X.jpg]
Major Danvers w/ Default Hair over Default Costume

[Image: AcPedHL.jpg]
Shadaloo Doll Captain Marvel

[Image: Pav5nzX.jpg]
RE: REV Parker Luciani (Beach) over Default Winter Soldier

huge thanks to natsu-ken for providing the files for the costume that is completely unreachable otherwise!
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[Image: U7QEWTg.jpg]
Shermie over Carol

it's pretty janky, but it just kinda happened i guess
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[Image: BnroDLF.jpg]
RE6 Chris over Bucky

because i want a chris who looks like chris and can shoot straight
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Shermie? Dude that's sick Big Grin ... love it!

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