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Can we swap models from one stage to another? It's not working for me.

I'm experimenting with moving a model from one stage to another. I want to swap the steam locomotive model in the train station stage (LDN_CET_train) with a tank from the Shadaloo base stage. (SHA_ARM_CAR) But the tank isn't showing up, just an empty space where the train used to be.

Here's what I'm doing:
Show ContentMethod 1:

I've opened all files in a hex editor and confirmed that all filenames and paths are identical to the train's, and that all files are present in their respective folders.

I've Tried exporting the mesh from blender with and without the armature.

I have a feeling the tank is there, but either higher than the ceiling or below the floor. I've tried translating the model up or down in blender, but I still don't see it.

I really don't understand how model placement works...

I'd appreciate any help.

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