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Hi, all!

I've working on a holiday costume for Ibuki, and I've encountered this problem: 

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As you can see, this mesh has only LOD 0 and two element options. I barely understand how that works, but this happens all the time with Ibuki (it only happens with her). I used this option in other mesh...

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.. and fixed the problem (It was with Ibuki too), but with this model, it didn't work. I can't change the elements on LOD 1 (I could do it with my other mod).

In game, I only see a gray model:

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Cry  Any suggestion? What did I do wrong this time?



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I had to import the mesh with the materials into UE4 and, then, reimport the mesh without the materials. Still don't understand why this happens with Ibuki, but at least I managed to go through it.
[Image: tC082HC.jpg]

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