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Can't import model from blender to Unreal Engine 4

I was editing a Cammy costume FBX file, and once I'm done, I export it following this instruction:

but than I got this error from UE4


Looks like Unreal is seeing multiple skeletons.
Which probably means you're adding something and didn't merge the parts you're adding with Cammy's mesh or you did but didn't delete the extra armature, would be my guess.

[Image: lCBn2rI.png]

Thanks, I've managed to get the mesh into UE4, but than when I cooked it, this mesh just crashes my game.

mesh file ->

edit: My bad, so the mesh doesn't crashed the game, it's just invisible,

Invisible could mean "super tiny". 
Did you set export scale to 100 in blender before you output the mesh?

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