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Offtopic Discussion

As much as I don't like France (not sure when I started to feel so), but they indeed play better than Croatia and get lucky too with the handball and penalty incident. As for England, not sure about them but I guess they are out of steam and not motivated anymore thus they also lost in 3rd place match.

I am afraid that I can't contribute much opinion for the whole WC event as I didn't watch much either because of the time zone (not too friendly for me as the matches were usually past midnight here), but fortunately the time for the final match is early (just like the opening match) so that I can watch them. Seeing some soccer matches again make me revitalized as in these past several year I actually didn't follow any soccer news, that's why I even didn't know that Italy (my #1 rooted team) didn't advance to this year WC. Hope they will do well for the upcoming all WC 2022 qualification matches, and this also applies for any country that considered as "underdog" (such as Croatia, etc).

Lastly, I like Olympics too so I hope I can watch them later in 2020.

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