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Offtopic Discussion


Well, we could always mute the chars, or swap the whole models so, at least in battle, they sound like women. In sfv it's possible, hellavaone work, but possible. Should be in this, too. In battles only. And it's not like Noctis and Prompto sound like dudes to begin with, right? lol.

Seeing is from SE, do you think it'd be possible to import models from others SE games, like Nier? 'Cause I'd love playing 2b, A2, Kainee and Cindy. Wouldn't mind the voice while I could just watch the models in action, lol.
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I guess not lol

I think so. When they said there will be modding support, I'm assuming that means minimum model editing. Don't think they would announce modding support and only allow texture editing.
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The gameplay trailer for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Injustice 2 is out:

And here's more details on how they are playable.

EDIT:A livestream of the TMNT in action was shown on yesterday, heres more about them.
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@robhal or @BrutalAce

I have created my first mesh mod for DBFZ so I just created a new seperated folder for that game in STreetModders

Could you guys also move the DBFZ section from other fighting game section too cause I think it is deserved to have it own place for now

And I was shocked with the number of guys who are interested in the DBFZ modding,can't underestimate the might of DBZ community

If SC6 can be modded in the future,that would be heaven
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My man, you're giving me hopes I shouldn't have, that's dangerous, bro. Can you imagine the noise we'd make if somehow we really got to swap Noctis with 2b, at least in battles? My mind bugs when I try, lol.
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Hey guys! Long time no see haha  Big Grin University life is very busy now I know it  Joy Cry

I know I'm late but... what a sad story  Cry

[Image: Snap_NCpaII1qkf306120985.png]

And Happy Valentine's Day  Heart Chinese New Year is around the corner too  Big Grin
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Nice to see you again Smile

Your CPU is fine but your GPU is below requirements, unfortunately you can't upgrade a laptop so I suggest getting a desktop but that can be expensive. Anyway I hope they further optimize it before release so you can at least play it Smile
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Even SFV and MVCi are very lag for me haha. But, Tekken 7 the gameplay is smooth with low settings just the loading speed is slow.

Only the old games I can play with max settings Shy

For FFXV I don't care about the settings anymore, just let me play with it!!!
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Welcome back Smile

About FFXV, your GPU is just too low for the game. You may still have a chance if the game allow to set a really low resolution like 640x480.
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Some new info for FF XV directly from the game director himself (source is here)
1. There is free demo released on Feb 26th, contains the entire Chapter 1.
2. There is early purchase bonus for people who buy the game on Steam, Half Life collab pack (contains Gordon Freeman skin and the crowbar weapon). Picture is here.
3. The size of the game itself is depended on what you choose, there is 100GB one (for 1080p textures) and other is 155GB (for 4K textures).

Also, two new character trailers for Soul Calibur VI

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Zas Is back! And he can stop time now like Jojo! Too hype!!! He was my dude in SC3.

Zas is back ? Hello darkness my old friend...

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