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Offtopic Discussion

What announced games that you waiting for it so bad for me is Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation damn i want it so bad

I'm waiting for TN to pull their heads out of their butts and localize some stuff like that ... Sad

I've got a long wait for anything left on my radar like Cyberpunk 2077....

I just saw the trailer and the game looks so amazing by the way is this girl a robot or something
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I think she may be a cyborg or something, but there has been very little info so far. As many here can attest to, CD Projeckt Red does some good stuff. They're one of the last few developers who take pride in their work and seek to take care of their players.

Based on your sig, Did you mod DOA characters into RE? I may have to pick your brain on that later. I still want to do some RE5 modding eventually too.

Nope i'm just share in it and just to let you know i don't know anything about modding only thing i can do is just DOA swaps and here are the original authors:
RE5: Ayane - Honoka - Jill - Kasumi - Kokoro - Marie battlesuit - Marie punk

RE6: Hitomi - Kokoro - Marie
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700 members? Wow!

Just wanted to thank everyone that made so far with us, being active or just lurking around, doesn't matter, really. We're all part of the cmm and the amazing thing is that we're new and already so much better and healthier than any other cmm I've seen so far.

So, may we continue to grow as we keep away the poison.

Thank you, and congratulations everyone! 700 members in so few months? That's good!
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700 and growing everyday Smile feels like a worthwhile journey, a modding forum made and run by modders. Thanks to you and everyone bro, you all prevented me and Khaled from getting isolated. After the ban i thought i wasted all those years on old forum but that's not true i made great friends, who joined me here and making this new site a better place for everyone. Thanks again to all of you Smile
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Thank you guys for keeping things alive! Smile Modding is a tough art, so it's important to keep communities together so information and resources does not get completely lost. Due to the underground nature, there's not guarantee things can last once drama hits. Things like Ninja Hacker & Xbox Scene don't exist anymore.
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Modders need there own group

There was only one choice of which side to support after that old admin banned you two. This new forum is turning out great as well.
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That was one of the most sad and raging things that I ever witnessed over all these years on the internet. Unfortunately, not too surprising, though. Anyway, we only fall so we can stand even higher, or so they say;

Thanks everyone, it's more than worthwhile and really a pleasure to be with you all.
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Here are some pretty hype moments, from the stream of the latest build of the Dragon Ball FighterZ:
Link of the source.
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Comparison of how the game was made and distributed, old time vs current time
[Image: 26_burger.jpg]

Source: EventHubs article

Latest news for Nioh Complete Edition (bad or good, it's depended on your control preference)

For me, it's bad because I like to play the game like this (Dark Souls-esque) with keyboard and mouse.
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Indeed, everything we need to enjoy most games nowadays is through DLCs.
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I used to feel like a crabby old man talking to a wall when Capcom started doing Disc Locked Content via RE5 & SFxT. People thought I was just barking up a tree. I'm glad other people agree that the modern tactics suck. The problem is there is so much new blood throwing small amounts of cash in such high volumes that developers are abandoning traditional games.

EA recently disclosed that they've seen people spend up to 15K on a single game through transactions. That's ridiculous.

Re: NiOh, I want to get the PC version, but seriously no mouse at all? How does one screw up a PC port in such a way?
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