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Offtopic Discussion


Yes bro it already started but looking at how fast things are turning maybe next SF won't even have girls with sexually attractive bodies or swimsuit DLC or maybe Chunli won't have her signature legs or Laura having a big bust, the mere thought drives me nuts, If they MK11 is so against sexually attractive females then what will happen if Mileena comes to this game? She's known to wear revealing outfits to hide her ugly side and she does have the iconic bandage outfit so those will be removed or I don't know de-sexualized somehow, if something like that happens to SF then f*ck video games, I will be so done with this f*ck*d up industry.


I don't want to dive in the discussion of racism but lets not forget that Jax was just a plain by the books soldier, nothing in his lore says that he was a liberal leader of Wakanda so that ending doesn't fit his lore, remember he had the power of time control or whatever so if they actually wanted him to do something heroic then they could have just made him fix one global problem like avert some big wars that happened in history causing thousands of deaths, destruction, poverty and families suffering, that would have given him a more hero like image and would be great for his lore but when he say something like "I cannot wait for -MY PEOPLE- to get woke", let's say that's not great on ears lol and don't forget Shao Kahn saying "Lets make Underworld great again", like what the heck are you trying to do? Of all the dialogue lines, is this the only line you found for your game? The game is certainly influenced by politics, you cannot deny that.

Coming back to the topic of endless grinding, the video I linked got removed on a copyright claim by Max but I managed to grab it before it was removed so if you guys want then download it from my MEGA and see how his hype turned into disappointment, it's an interesting video and it also shows how complicated their progression system is, six different currencies, no clue about how actual money works and what you can get with it, a premium shop with time exclusive items that keep on changing after six hours and random expensive loot boxes with difficult tedious to grind towers. I don't know what they can really fix if the system is designed to be convoluted.!W89mHKQI!EdcptBVjmYcRs...KenQfSrdmo


If I am not wrong then I think MK11 fatalities and fatal blows also have a 30 fps lock on PC and recently a modder made a mod to remove that so I can't say it's much better than SFV, I mean if it's so easy for a modder to remove it then why can't they just make it like that, sounds like a lazy port to me.

About what I am playing these days, nothing much really most of my time goes into modding, I do however plan to finish Assassins Creed Origins and Tomb Raider soon and then maybe I'll get Sekiro if the price is good or maybe Metro Exodus, I don't want to support Epic Games store but 19.99 price is really tempting for a game that's not that old. I do have Assassins Creed Odyssey too but I can't play too AC games together lol, too much stuff to do in those.

What are you playing other than MK11?
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You know thinking about the next SF with Laura, Mika and the others without their great curves makes me feel mad, let alone Chun-Li without her usual and wonderful legs, however in order to do so they should change the entire art direction they always had since SF Alpha and I don't know if they're gonna do it. Worst scenario they'll pun on models tons and tons of clothes to cover everything and it's gonna be bad anyway. Only time will tell but I expect the worst.

About Mileena I don't think she's gonna be in MK11, I mean, consider what NRS did in MKX, they gave some Jade's move to one variation of Kitana (and Jade is not in the game) and now they did the same thing with Mileena's. Her typical sexiness doesn't fit SJW Kombat at all, so I guess this could be a way to say "hey she' won't be here, deal with it". But IF Mileena is gonna be a DLC character and IF they're gonna give her her iconic bondage outfit, the only image that cross my mind is the mummy and I totally don't want to see this.

And yes, MK11 on PC sucks. NRS has no respect for PC users.
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Ehhhh, you're not gonna convince me that undoing slavery is bad, I don't know what else to say tbh. Yes I'm sure a whole bunch of people would cease to exist if you rewrote history and changed ANYTHING, but we don't live in that fictional timeline so I don't get why everyone is taking it so personally, like Jax erased their mom. 

In terms of the game being too political, sure they could get rid of a tame "Make Outworld Great Again" joke but that's just another form of censorship, no? I thought that was the whole problem?
Can't we have anime tiddies and Jaxkanda?  Tongue

I've been grinding MK11 pretty steadily, the daily towers means I turn it on at least once at day just to see if there's any easy loot to grab and that always turns into like 3 hours, which I suspect is what they were going for. I wish you could mix and match skin pieces more than anything, I find that more frustrating than the loot hunt.

I beat Sekiro a second time, it's super satisfying on the second run through when you're just stomping bosses that took days to beat the first time. You have to beat it like 4 times for the hundred percent trophy, that might be a little too much for me honestly. It's definitely designed to specifically stomp you if you try to play it like Dark Souls (except for the Demon of Hatred, which you have to fight EXACTLY like a souls boss). But I loved it. It's less moody than the Souls games but it probably looks and sounds better than anything else FromSoft has put out, I thought the soundtrack really stood out.

Might start a new game plus of Persona 5 soon? Though at this point maybe I'll just wait for P5-R....? God I would love it if your save data carried over and you could just start Persona 5-R in new game plus mode. 

The good news is I find it hard to believe Capcom would listen to costume criticism since they certainly don't listen to anyone about gameplay. If you look at their lack of response about adding features to SF5, lack of news, lack of feedback, they clearly don't listen to ANYONE and they just do what they want. 

I guess the more interesting question is w/DMC5 and RE2 running on that new RE Engine what would happen if SF6 switched to that engine and everyone looked hyper realistic. That would be... weird. Really weird, lol. At least no more complaints about Chun hands. 

What keeps me up at night about Street Fighter is the nightmare where the PS5 drops and there is NO SF6 AT ALL, it's just Ultra Super Street Fighter 5 and it's still laggy, Ken's banana hair stays the same, you die instantly when you guess wrong, and the "take the throw" game stays the same and nothing changes at all. SF5 remains the king no matter what, if people refuse to play other games I don't know what's stopping Capcom from just releasing the same thing over and over and learning nothing.

In other news, the MK model extractor has dropped, and models are starting to appear, and all of this MK hate has actually inspired me with quite a few ideas for SF5, we'll see how they pan out.
Some of them you may like.

[Image: falke-jade-wip1.jpg]

Other ideas you may like.... less so.  Big Grin  JAXKANDA FOREVER
[Image: jax-beta-v2.jpg]
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I am not trying to convince anyone though like I said before when he say "His people" then yes it sounds a little off, would be good if they made him think bigger than "His people", I gave you an example too, averting wars or something global would have made him look like a peace keeper hero without Wakanda vibes lol.

Also when you can see fictional element in that part then I don't understand why can't you see the fictional element in sexuality when it comes to video games? What respect and reality we are talking about? And when they can gain bigger audience with over the top violence and controversial stuff like that ending or dialogue then I am sure sexuality is less harmful than that. I have never seen you looking lack of sexuality in this game as a problem and you're totally fine with the current state but as soon as we mention Jax's ending and Shao Kahn's dialogue, you try to defend that with arguments like it might be a joke or it's not a big issue, you know "THAT" is the problem with censorship, yes that line "Lets make Underworld great again" might be a joke and removing that can be considered as censorship but when you're totally fine with radical changes in female design and lack of options then you should be fine with something as small as removing a line of dialogue or changing one ending too.

Personally I am against all kinds of censorship, I don't even want them to remove or tone down the violence despite the fact that it looks most unrealistic, gross and exaggerated because that's why we play video games to see and enjoy unrealistic stuff and that's why sexuality doesn't need to go away like this.

Anyway, I am glad you're enjoying it but I was expecting that you will try and mod MK11 and be the savior of mankind instead of turning SFV into MK11 Big Grin

Speaking about SFV, I think Capcom will learn from their mistakes in next game, remember SF4 is still considered one of the best fighting game ever made but Capcom tried something new with SFV and didn't succeeded that much, they got first wave of negativity when the game came out unfinished and then it never ended, they tried to make it better but they screwed up on several things including balance though I still think SFV has some very strong points and if they build their next game on those points while borrowing some stuff from SF4 I think they can come out with a great game. Even if they just come out with a basic game having strong foundation like good netcode, basic modes of play and a bigger roster on release I think the game won't get that much negativity.

It's safe to say that current six characters per year season pass system didn't worked very well and also caused major problems in character balancing, I think they should just release the game with a bigger roster so they'll have time to experience characters against each other and balance everything in a more proper way and then they can make one season pass with six additional chars later and that should be it, they can get their additional money from cosmetic stuff like costume DLCs and stages but not characters.

Finally they should bring more modes in the game to increase it's longevity, heck I still miss Street Fighter X Tekken and the fun stuff it had like tag battles and 2vs2 team battles, the team battles were crazy and chaotic but man it was fun to play with friends. Current games are too ESport focused and they lack all the fun stuff.

EDIT: Also Ken banana hairs are less of an issue than MK11 having their entire female design turned upside down, surprised you're no concerned about that Big Grin
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@BrutalAce and @sleepy_scrub

What hurt the most SFV was the way it was rushed out - not even an arcade mode and a very lackluster story mode, using Kolin for example - she has lore behind to work on her - but she had one single fight in her story mode, her arcade endings are just as bad. I said somewhere that the way the game is right now, if capcom were to fix netcode nad hit/hurtboxes, most people'd be pleased. And let's not forget, SFIV was bad, SSFIV was kinda good, but people still crap on it and even Ultra - which people now revere for some unknown reason because it's totally broken with hit/hurtboxes all over the place - but it had tons of modes to play, so even the most filthy casual player could enjoy that mess, like my cousin who was never into SF, but still enjoyed very much Ultra and it's 40+ characters to choose from - and nobody ever chose E. Honda, lol.

My cousin works at a game website, I told him off when his site gave SFV 9 - despite all the problems - man got mad at me, then I had to actually show him why it didn't deserve even a 5 at launch; As of now, maybe a 7 if you're kind hearted? If you're planning to let the online be the mode people play the most, you must have a good netcode or else you get SFV... Anyway, SFV only survives up until now because Esports, people eager to win that 200k or those 10k and the least I've seen 5k prize money; 5k is one of the most prized money in Tekken, btw, even DBZF doesn't pay that much, though I don't have the statics anymore - ever since Toei decided to boycott it's own tourneys... So, in FGC, SF only leads as of now because of the money they pay the pros - and wannabe pros. By wannabe I'm not degrading anyone, just those ultra competitive players that really want to be sponsored, become a pro and live off of that - there're lots of people that ONLY play SFV because of that, it's where the eyes of the FGC is, earn some tourneys or even place top 32 consistently and it's easier to be sponsored than winning all tourneys in SC6, BBTag, Unnist and GG; that's how sad it is;
'Bout MK11 I'm really liking the gameplay, it's really easier to follow what's going on, like @MiChOcO said the other day, has better combos and way to get out of it, too. They really improved the game, instead of SFV at launch, that had so much input lag that was really, really strange to play - though people said it as due to UE4 - ultra bad netcode, few chars, no story, no arcade, the best thing it had was the lab/tutorial, but still was a total mess, in comparison; MK11 is better because it has less issues at launch, but well, enough about that. My real problem with MK is the devs lies. Just come out and say w/e BS you want, I might not agree, might get mad and boycott - though I already am - the game entirely, but at least I can respect honesty. BTW, Centrion has a cool battle armor, with high heels.... Great realism, lol. I'll stop here and try to make some coffee.
BTW, when fighting chance was introduced, @bbb and @robhal can attest how much "love" I gave to it, even when everyone was hyped af with SFVAE, I made a "review" about it and posted on my patreon and steam - guess how much love I gained by doing that...
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What's going on guys? I've been spending most of my time on MK11 as some already knew and I have to say it's probably the best fighting game of the 2019 so far gameplay wise. The netcode is flawless even against people on Wi-Fi (there are way much more than I thought actually lol) and your skill is rewarded way much more than SFV. There are still dumb 50/50s used by the S tier characters obviously (Scorpion & Erron in particular among others... Angry ) but if you're good enough they can't just win only with those actually which is good. I would recommend that game for those who like heavy footies based fighting games, with mixups, zoning, and few 50/50s. Cool
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