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Dragon Ball (& Saint Seiya) Jump Force Models

Hi all!

I know (by the descriptions on his mods) that @Ecchi Gamer was working on Goku's mods, but he wouldn't finish them until Jump Force came out. I know that he's busy at this time, but I share them here just in case other modders would want to create their own mods (Bardock's Mod  Blush ).

Here I left the Goku's model (and others too) from Jump Force.

Arrow Dragon Ball Models:

Show ContentIncludes:

If someone want to add Vegeta's and Trunk's voice to a possible mod, I can upload them.

And, In case someone is interested, I add too Saint Seiya models. Maybe in the future, when I gain some experience, I could take Seiya and Shiryu and insert them into SFV by myself. For now, I don't have the necessary skills for that project~

Arrow Saint Seiya Models:

Show ContentIncludes:

Soon, I'll share the rest of the Jump Force models (here or in the respective Jump Force Thread), just in case someone wants to work with them Smooch 
[Image: tC082HC.jpg]
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