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how i SWAP TEXTURE using UassetRenamer

i know bbbsfxt made a guide before, but since some of the new stuff lately is a bit confusing,
i'd like to make my own guide when people ask me how to swap,
i like to add more picture so the readers can have a concept in their mind.

the point of this thread is to offer a different point of view on how to swap when there is a new DLC involved.
do let me know if this thread is redundant, i will remove this thread with full respect and co-operation.

first you need to decide what you want to do, in this case, i would like to have Lei WuLong's Chloe T-shirt on other characters
so you need to execute UassetRenamer.exe

[Image: rGQKhX7.jpg]

and double click on the item file you want to replace through the windows summoned by the exe.
in this case its inside ..\TekkenGame\Content\Character\Item\Meshes\cmn\Upper\cmn_bdu_t_tk1_a\Texture

[Image: ojZ2xR9.jpg]

notice the _D, _M, _N behind the name of the files, swap the D to D, M to M and N to N with Lei's T-shirt,
which is in ..\Character\Item\Meshes\lei\Upper\lei_bdu_t_chloe\Texture

[Image: uqDy0Gu.jpg]

the file will be generated at the same folder as the UassetRenamer, proceed to swap all the files according to D, M, N
after done swapping all the files (total 9 of them in this case), you need to delete the "-new" words from every file name

[Image: 6h0bZNJ.jpg]

after deleting all the "-new" from the file names, it's time to construct a proper path for the mod.
first, cut all the renamed files and make a new folder inside "u4pak"

[Image: kq4e3OC.jpg]

inside u4pak folder :
make a folder on your mod's name, in this case, i name my mod "ALL-Chloe-Tee_P"
the "_P" at the end is required sometimes when your mod dont load,
for the sake of convenience, i add "_P" anyway

[Image: e4MokuA.jpg]

go inside the "ALL-Chloe-Tee_P" mod folder and create more folder structures as followed :
then paste all the modded files in there.
[Image: 3n8UiBc.jpg]

lastly, drag and drop the whole "ALL-Chloe-Tee_P" folder on the batch file as the picture,

[Image: DVJcKYS.jpg]

cut the "ALL-Chloe-Tee_P.pak" inside the "pak" folder and paste it in the "~mod" folder
and open the game to see if your mod is properly modded.

[Image: sSTmSCx.jpg]

yup, no problem at my end, yours should be no problem too if you follow my instruction.

[Image: vbBuxtF.jpg]

GLHF Modding T7.


for the Newly formated DLCs like GEESE and NOCTIS, the file cannot be swapped because there is no english path inside the file
for the legacy characters like Lei and Anna, the file can still be swapped because there file has english path in it.

you may need a hex editor called HxD to read the file.

[Image: iN9TNrW.jpg]
[Image: RtWNHQz.jpg]

[Image: C2Ue8XP.jpg]
[Image: hWQwkPN.jpg]
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