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Soul Chronicle mode at Legendary difficulty - FluffyQuack - 08-30-2019


This mod changes the difficulty of every fight in Soul Chronicle mode to the equivalent of Legendary difficulty.

Some notes about the mod:
- Short fights have been lengthened to be best-of-five.
- Some fights where you fight multiple opponents in a row now give the player an "extra life" to make the overall difficulty a bit more consistent.
- The Inferno fights in the main story have been re-balanced to be closer to how it is in Arcade mode.
- Though this is very close to Legendary difficulty in arcade mode, it is easier thanks to various bonuses the player gets in most fights.

Alternate version:
- This alternate version is one step down in difficulty compared to the above version. Its difficulty is equivalent to Legendary in Versus and Training modes. The primary difference you'll notice to the above version is that the AI won't break 90% of throws anymore.

These mods are based on Soul Chronicle with all season 1 characters. The mods might no longer work once season 2 characters get released.

You can use my mod manager to automate the mod install/uninstall process:

RE: Soul Chronicle mode at Legendary difficulty - FluffyQuack - 09-01-2019

I updated the mod with fixes to some opponents (Raphael characters wasn't using more than 2 moves, Taki was using a very limited set of moves, and Astaroth opponents were broken too). I also uploaded a variant which is at a slightly lower difficulty.