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RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Remy2FANG - 02-20-2021

(02-20-2021, 10:40 AM)THEJAMK Wrote: Thanx, I almost got a good animation, I keep adjusting things. For the broken animation problem after V. Trigger 2 the most I could do is rename all the sleeve bones. just remove the bp before each name so as not to scramble me so much. so the animation remains normal. the sleeves don't roll up but don't lose their animation either.

Happy to help!!  

That's actually a really good idea on the sleeve bone renaming part.  I'll definitely do some updates on some of my older mods.  Thanks!

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - PossibilityMan - 02-23-2021

I sure hope one can help me with this...

On my PC is a well-rigged Gouken model, altered to work with SFV. Once it's in Unreal Engine, I don't know what to do next. I followed a tutorial video that covered rigging it in Blender and porting it to Unreal Engine. As soon as I was ready for converting, the video ended. How do I format all the files to delay SFV crashing again? Every time I test the Gouken mod, something always crews up. Sometimes, the original E-Honda model appears, sometimes the game freezes and there are also cases in which there's no model at all. What on Heaven and Earth am I missing?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - MkJake65 - 03-16-2021

Could someone help me out with an issue I've been having?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - FlashDBC - 03-23-2021

I'm new to sfv modding so sorry if this is a newbie question. I had tried to swap @Segadordelinks's Cammy USFIV Style to C8 (Nostalgia). It works in-game but it still shows the original costume on the character select screen. Is there any solution for this?
[Image: VdpkHv7.jpg][Image: HRpMLNB.png]

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 03-24-2021

That's because Cammy C1 doesn't have the DA_CMY_PreviewCostume_01" file in the DataAsset folder, while the C8 does have that file ("DA_CMY_PreviewCostume_08"). So the solution is before you do the swap, try copying the similar file from other slot (I usually use the "DA_CMY_PreviewCostume_02" from C2) to your Cammy USF4 mod DataAsset folder first, rename it to "DA_CMY_PreviewCostume_01" then hex-edit it to change all "02" values to become "01" and save the file. Now you can make the swap.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - FlashDBC - 03-24-2021

It worked, thank you!