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RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 04-10-2020

(04-09-2020, 06:30 PM)bbb Wrote: @robhal

I heard about Juli appearing in the SFA route, but I never encountered her, probably because I didn't have the story installed. Not sure if installing a pak with the doll files you gave me will make it happen, or if it has to detect that the story is installed for it to work.

That's kind of what I want to avoid, I don't want to replace any character. Both Juli and Juni were in Alpha so they should both belong (even better if they would be 2 on 1, but that would be impossible) I know how to add extra selectable characters, I'm assuming it will be the same to add extra opponents. only problem I might have is that the game might not accept a new character folder name, but I will give Juni her would have been name (D06), so there might be a chance that she was planned to be included in story at one point but scrapped, but may have some code in the game to her folder name.

I guess I could just try to find her alpha voice lines. Don't remember if she spoke Japanese or broken English.


seems like new character folder doesn't work. seems if you do anything to the file that doesnt work, the game is able to use the original unmodded file. I tried making every opponent Juni to see if it works, but the original characters showed up normally. I tried it with everyone Ryu or every one Juli, it worked.

funny thing though, if you put every opponent as the same character, the game ends after one battle and you unlock the ending art and special art too. guess if anyone wants to quickly unlock all arts, they could do that.

EDIT 2 -

I changed the character ID_CMN_Char_E_D06 to an existing one, ID_CMN_Char_E_D07. It was able to recognize it this time, but gets stuck on infinite loading on the vs screen.

Oh, it seems I actually read your previous post in wrong way. You write Juni but I read it as Juli, sorry Big Grin

So according to your test, if you install the General Story Dolls file (from my upload) as pak mod and you make every opponents as Juli (D07 which the character files aren't included in the game, except if you install the general story mode DLC), such thing works fine, right?

About Juni again, unfortunately her folder (D06) doesn't exist at all, thus the game probably won't be able to recognize the D06 code if you try to use it.

Btw I just check the Chara folder again (from the base game, not the story DLC) and see that the D04 folder actually have all the files there. Maybe you can experiment with that?

@bbb again
@Advanced Modder Base User
About the Mesh folder with XXX_XX.uasset and also XXX_XX_Preview.uasset, there is actually one or two costumes that use such thing like Karin C4, etc. Not sure why the person who made that official costume for Capcom did such thing, as it is imo useless and serve no purpose. The thing is both XXX_XX.uasset and also XXX_XX_Preview.uasset are actually the same, but the XXX_XX_Preview.uasset is only mentioned in DA_XXX_PreviewCostume_XX.uasset (eg. Karin's C4 DA_KRN_PreviewCostume_04.uasset)

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BBB - 04-10-2020


thought you just mis typed Tongue

yes, installing the dolls and setting all opponents to Juli works, you fight her, and since the game doesn't let you fight the same opponent twice, it ends and you unlocking the ending and special art.

I know the folder didn't exist, but it is her folder since she is doll #6 (June is the 6th month of the year), So I was hoping their might be some code of D06 in the exe or somewhere that would accept the name, but that is not the case.

I think its just patched files because I see a few files of the other dolls as well and they just added it to the main game instead of letting you redownload the entire story DLC. But I might have an idea. there are 3 dolls you mentioned that are not playable, maybe I could add Juri to one of them. their code might be usable, but if it does work, then that doll will be swapped in the story. maybe its better to swap with a different NPC, like peter, phantom Bison or one of the shadaloo grunts since they are programmed to fight, so would have a better chance of working.

@Advanced Modder Base User

I had a look and compared the Karin C4 KRN_04.uasset and KRN_04_Preview.uasset files. they are the same size, but they are different. So I guess the reason for it is that KRN_04_Preview.uasset is the model used in the select screen, meaning there must have been some issue using the gameplay model in the select screen, like a big piece of cloth covering her face or something in the select screen pose I am guessing.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BBB - 04-10-2020


swapping Juni to Peter works.

[Image: Ez8f5VX.jpg]

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 04-10-2020

Oh, nice bro Smile

It means you able to do like what shown in @gravelee's doll rush video. I have one or two questions:
1. Her name JUNI, it doesn't come automatically, right? Meaning you have to edit some files to make the game shows proper name, correct?
2. I suppose her moveset is copied from Juli, since Juli is playable?
3. I wonder what happen if we play the general story mode until the part when we fight Peter?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BBB - 04-10-2020


Thanks Smile

1. The name that appeared was ID_CMN_Char_E_PO3. That code located in DA_PO3_Personal.uasset is supposed to lead to some database to retrieve the name, but swapping the files appeared to have broken that, so it ends up just displaying the code name. Which doesn't matter since the code is broken and just displays the code name, I just hex edited the code name to be JUNI, therefor when the code doesn't work, it just displays the new code name JUNI. Greasy, but it works.

2. yes, its Juli's moveset. You can see Juli's kick in the screenshot.

3. It should just have Juni show up in the cutscene instead of peter, most likely with broken facial animation, then you fight Juni with Juli's moveset.

I managed to get the Hud to show up, I just have to make it a Juni hud. i would like to change the vs screen pose, but I'm assuming that's not possible. The files are 100% copied from Juli (except the mesh/texture/material to make Juni of course) but it ends up in what I assume is peter's pose (copying chun li's). Juli is supposed to have Cammys pose, so I would have assumed Juni would have it since I copied her files, but peter's pose is what shows even though no peter files were used, only his character code PO3.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - sleepy_scrub - 04-26-2020

Seeing a few of the Fortnite based mods that exist (John Wick, @Killbox pulling the Fortnite dance, etc) I've been experimenting a little with pulling Fortnite assets (F2P means all the skins are in the base game, so from a modder's perspective it's sort of a gold mine).

It's all pretty straightforward through Umodel since it's an epic game.
Though because they update it constantly the AES key constantly breaks.

Anyway here's a test with Menat in a Basketball skin with some of the assets I found.

[Image: 20200425061813-1.jpg]

[Image: 20200425064841-1.jpg]

I was jazzed that I got it working. But I haven't found a lot of Fortnite stuff that really feels Street Fightery to me. (Other than basketball Menat, which felt obvious to me).

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Kariboo - 05-09-2020

So I'm trying to create a mod for the first time since there's so much free time, but I've run into a possible problem. The mod I'm trying to make has heeled boots and I don't know if I can add them to the character or not, and if I can I am not sure how I'm supposed to set them up to appear properly ( assuming I can even get the whole thing working and I don't end up destroying my game).

 Any tips would be much appreciated!

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 05-17-2020

Bro, I am sorry in advance for the trouble, but I want to ask about something. Is it possible to do the "greasy way" (like what you did for Poison Battle shorter skirt mod) to hide the extra hands/arms/legs for Chun-Li C1-C2-C3, all E.Honda's and Seth costumes? As you know that all these costumes will have issue relating to those extra hands/arms/legs when swapped to other chars and usually the only solution is to edit the mesh file itself to remove those extra hands/arms/legs, but I am also aware that editing the mesh file will make the APEX physics (if the costume has such thing) become unusable as well.

That's why I have a thought today about your greasy way is maybe a solution, and that leads me to ask you this bro. Can you try doing the greasy way to make those extra hands/arms/legs disappeared so that we can do swapping to other chars? If the way is too complicated and take a long time or it's simply not possible, never mind then.

PS: I wonder how Capcom make those extra hands/arms/legs looked hidden in gameplay, there is gotta some secrets behind it.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BBB - 05-17-2020


Sorry, it wouldn't work because all legs and arms use the same part of the texture, so hiding 1 will hide all of them.

the extra legs and arms have their weights painted to their own unique bones, so its something animation related that makes them hidden.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 05-18-2020

I see, thanks for the explanation bro.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BBB - 06-07-2020

I am trying to make this mod, but I am still having that eye issue when I extract the psk myself. can anyone upload for me the fbx file of lucia's swimwear so I can release this mod?

[Image: MpN6Byg.jpg]

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Pecolexou - 06-08-2020

Hi everyone. I have a question please. If I download a modded stage pak file and I want this mod to replace the training stage using fluffy manager 5000, how should I do please ? Smile
Thank you for your answer Confusedmile:

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - TaNooki - 07-08-2020

Hey guys, I'm trying to resume working on this Lilith mod but since it's been a while, the color asset is out of date now. The one I have right now is from 2-13-2020 (so I'm missing color EX11) and I haven't been able to find a more recent version in the pak files. Does anyone happen to have the latest "CustomizeSetting" asset for Menat's default costume or know where I could find it? Also, the visual effects for colors EX09 and EX10 don't seem to be working, does that have anything to do with material assets?

[Image: D9RqC_WX4AIlzQK?format=jpg&name=large]

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 07-08-2020

The latest color files (DA_Z23_CostumeColorPreview_01 and DA_Z23_CustomizeSetting_01) should be around 25th March 2020 as that is the launching date of CPT 2020 Pack (which include the EX11 colors). You can found the latest color files in the "Ver3035031_Steam" pak files (located in "C:\Users\-YourUserName-\AppData\Local\StreetFighterV\Saved\download" folder).

Not sure about the shadowy effect for EX9 and EX10 colors, maybe someone can tell you more later.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - sleepy_scrub - 07-08-2020

Z23 CustomizeSetting from 03/25?

The Lucia Model. Shit, I forgot.
Try this if you still need it: