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RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 06-23-2019

I test the new pak file (btw it replaces Laura's C1 slot) with both PMM and ~mods folder, all seem work fine as far as I can see.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - FluffyQuack - 06-23-2019

(06-23-2019, 03:09 AM)robhal Wrote: @FluffyQuack
I test the new pak file (btw it replaces Laura's C1 slot) with both PMM and ~mods folder, all seem work fine as far as I can see.

Thanks for testing. I'll make a thread about this tool later today. As far as I know, the tool people are using right now (the UE4pak python script) doesn't have an option for compressing data, and a lot of mods could be 3 to 5 times smaller if compression was used. According to UE4 documentation, compressed PAK files are also faster to load (probably not on SSDs, though).

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 06-23-2019

Great, I will like to try the tool as well. Btw, in PMM (I am aware this probably doesn't concern you) it uses the standard u4pak.exe (size: 3,175,772 byte) to pack and unpack the pak file. Can we somehow integrate your new pak tool into PMM?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - FluffyQuack - 06-23-2019

(06-23-2019, 10:26 AM)robhal Wrote: @FluffyQuack
Great, I will like to try the tool as well. Btw, in PMM (I am aware this probably doesn't concern you) it uses the standard u4pak.exe (size: 3,175,772 byte) to pack and unpack the pak file. Can we somehow integrate your new pak tool into PMM?

Made a thread about it:

And yeah, it should be easy to incorporate it with another program. It expects a text file with a file list (in order for the PAK's base path to be correctly defined), but the batch files should make it apparent how it's structured.

And also, note that this is a poor solution for unpacking PAK files as it ignores the basepath during extraction.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - TaNooki - 06-27-2019


Hey Rob, I wanted to do a costume swap for Menat's Devilotte costume (C11 to C04) but so far I've only gotten an invisible character. 

[Image: ghost_by_tanooki128_ddabg26-pre.jpg?toke...y8d2yr9yb4]

What I did was change "11" to "04" in most of the C11 (Devilotte) files, but for the material assets I didn't change the names at all and just used a separate folder to hold the C11 textures. Any idea where it might have gone wrong?

[Image: devilottefiles_by_tanooki128_ddabg1g-pre...igx1SQ1bPs]

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 06-27-2019

Yeah, that's what we will get if we try to swap those C10+ costumes by using the usual tutorial. That's why I never did the swap for those costumes, until recently @TiggieWhite came out with the solution he described in the thread below

As you look at his posts there, it's kind of complex and very intimidating, right? Well unfortunately that's what we have to do if we want to swap the C10+ costumes. As in your case, after I read your question, I try to do the mini swap (can be expanded to full swap, so don't worry) myself first using all the info from that tutorial thread, so that I can try explaining the process to you. Here we go bro:
1. There are four essential files that needed to treat with carefully, in DataAsset folder: "DA_Z23_CustomizeSetting_11, DA_Z23_MaterialPreset_11, DA_Z23_Prop_11" and then in Mesh folder: "Z23_11". First, we copy those four files into our swap folder, then we rename them to "DA_Z23_CustomizeSetting, DA_Z23_MaterialPreset, DA_Z23_Prop (in DataAsset folder), and Z23 (in Mesh folder)"
2. Now open them in hex-editor, I gonna start with the Z23" Mesh file first. Begin with searching the hex value "FFFFFFFF" (no quote), when it found the very first matching, look at below those "FFFFFFFF" hex value, you will see another hex value which is "0C", so far so good bro? According to @TiggieWhite that's the "magic number" for the _11 part that missing from the line "Game/Chara/Z23/SkelMesh/11/Mesh/Z23". So we edit that magic number to "00" (for _01 to _09, their magic number is "00").
3. Repeat the process for the three DataAsset files, but there is little special case for Menat's C11-Devilotte DA_Z23_Prop_11 file as the magic number is not under the "FFFFFFFF" but it's under the "FDFFFFFF" hex value.
4. After those four files are done, now we turn to the remaining DataAsset files (these no need to change the magic number mentioned above). First, the two other Prop files, they are easy as we just need to swap them like usual way. Then for "DA_Z23_Costume_11 and DA_Z23_PreviewCostume_11" we can't use the original C11 files so we need to "borrow" the same files from other costume and hex-edit them accordingly to our swap.
5. Done, hope you can understand (I am aware it is quite complex).

If you want to look at the mini swap files I made, here you are!9VpAACQb!BxiXiX5Eki0vA2rnYzECjPj1-rLfyAtd-bUCTUXk4Dc

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - TaNooki - 06-27-2019


Thanks for the quick guide bro! I was able to make a swap for the swimsuit costume but I think I ran into trouble at "Step 4" when I needed to borrow some dummy files for "DA_Z23_Costume_11" and "DA_Z23_PreviewCostume_11". I used the files "DA_Z23_Costume_04" and "DA_Z23_PreviewCostume_04" and tried to hex edit them but I still ended up with an invisible character. I finally just edited the same two files you used and everything works fine. Maybe I made an error somewhere, I'll have to look into that issue later. Where did you get the dummy files from? 

[Image: 310950_20190627114304_1_by_tanooki128_dd...P3cQEIpo9c]


Big thanks to you too, Tiggie, for sharing the tech!  Angel

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 06-27-2019

For the "DA_Z23_Costume_xx", I borrow from her C9 (if you notice the big blank space in my edited file, it's because the Devilotte costume doesn't need the MaterialParamPreset reference, so I blank the whole line). Then for the "DA_Z23_PreviewCostume_xx", I borrow from her C5 because it has the DA_Z23_Prop_xx_Preview reference which the Devilotte costume also has such thing.

And you're very welcome bro Smile

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - x7mv400 - 08-13-2019

I'm trying to edit the mesh of a character following UncleFestor's youtube tutorial
I setup folders in UE, create material instances, link the materials to the characters. etc.

after testing the edits they always freeze upon loading the costume.

I noticed that the .uasset mesh files I get from unreal are substantially larger than the original mesh files. 29mb - 4mb
what gives?

I am using
3dsMax 2017
UE 4.7.6

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - x7mv400 - 08-13-2019

ah nvm I wasnt using the cooked assets

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - SUPERVERITECH - 08-16-2019

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but has anyone considered or think it would be easy to create a mod that adds scanlines?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Gojira - 08-29-2019

(06-19-2019, 11:30 AM)sleepy_scrub Wrote: @Gojira

What's your modding install method? I don't recommend ~mods folder method if you don't have to, causes problems.

 If you're modding yourself and working on a ton of iterations I recommend keeping your game unpacked tbh. It's a pain in the ass to redeal with it every major update, but it's definitely the easiest way to make minor changes to a mod and hop back into the game.

Also if you're using PMM remember to DISABLE all of the mods when you don't want it running, quitting out of it isn't enough. Had that happen more than once where PMM was overriding my changes because I forgot to disable everything and then exit.

sorry I completely forgot I asked about this, I got wrapped up in a trip for 2 months and didn't get back home until a week ago.  Well the late late answer is everything is totally unpacked, I have never used mod managers.

What I mean is if you alter character files while the game is running, the changes won't show up if you re-select the character because they're still being cached by the game for fast loading.  I'm trying to find out if there's a convenient way to skip that, like maybe a flag in the engine ini files or something.  I'm trying to figure out a faster way to iterate than restarting the game every time.  Because I'm impatient Tongue

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BBB - 09-02-2019

EDIT - nvm, I believe I found the issue

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 09-23-2019

@BrutalAce @Khaledantar666 @bbb @sleepy_scrub @addysun @Monkeygigabuster @TiggieWhite @THEJAMK @Leonaura
EDIT: also tagging @Segadordelinks @Ouji @sonicprogrammer @Ecchi Gamer as I remember them now
And any modder whose name I can't recall atm (sorry):

I am not sure if you guys are aware of this or not, but I notice in the latest v4.080 update there are some material file changes for some characters (atm I don't have the complete list, but for now I know that Abigail C1, Akuma C1, Ken C1, Rashid C1 and Ryu C1 do have the new material files). Here, check out the screenshot of Abigail C1's Material folders from v4.070 (left side) and v4.080 (right side)
[Image: zMdW14P.png]

See the file size difference there? I am not sure what the change is because when I test the old v4.070 Abigail C1 files (as PAK mod) in current v4.080 game, there is no difference from what I can see. But I recall @BrutalAce often said that usually the big size material file has more advanced shader thingy if compared to the small size material file. So maybe this info can help you guys make better mods due to there are more of those advanced shader material files now.

PS: Atleast, these material file size changes don't broke the game like what happened after Cody patch (aka v3.050 update) that broke many mods.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Khaledantar666 - 09-24-2019

@robhal Thank you bro for your findings, indeed it seems they completed the material "evolution" thing they started with cody and it's great these changes are not affecting the mods done before v4.080 but one must keep these findings in mind if ever mods got broken in future game update Smile