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RE: Modding Discussion Thread - addysun - 05-17-2019


Can't see your picture anymore, but I'd suggest always start by checking the weighting.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 05-20-2019


Generally any mod that's available to public can be updated by any other modder as long as the modder give due credit to original modder.


Have you tried the fixes I suggested on Twitter?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Ecchi Gamer - 06-06-2019


You once shared some specific settings with 7zip , can you show me them again i can't seem to compress my mods as i used to don't what the settings were exactly but i reduced my file size to under 200 mb at most but now to isn't going below 400-500 mb  Dodgy

these are my settings
[Image: file?downloadToken=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhb...g8Y4R52gPc]


Which shinny material do you use in your latex mods Huh  , i usually use juri's suit material but it doesn't give the same shine as your mods do?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 06-06-2019

@Ecchi Gamer
Here you are
[Image: HjwNGhg.jpg]

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - addysun - 06-06-2019

@Ecchi Gamer

I make all my materials with substance painter. It's really awesome and I recommend it.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Ecchi Gamer - 06-06-2019


What how ? I didn't know we could make materials

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - addysun - 06-06-2019

@Ecchi Gamer

Let me rephrase, I do all my material texturing in substance painter.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - TiggieWhite - 06-06-2019

@Ecchi Gamer 
If you upload a 500MB mod, I don't think I can even download it sucessfully... I am downloading Master B's mod, his mod is usually around 100Mb, and so far, I've failed twice, still trying though... 35Kb/s 
besides, my mod's size is usually around 20MB, you guys are totally out of my league... I just let myself out ....

[Image: TIM-20181002133027.jpg]

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Ecchi Gamer - 06-06-2019


After @robhal showed me those settings again i compressed the 4.5 gb again this time it was around 79mb 
How did i managed to make it 4.5 gb you ask , well there are a lot of variations e.g with glasses and without glasses , now essentially the difference should be in the mesh file but people are so lazy that if i make 4-5 categories and expect people to take all the essential files from all categories it turns out to be a huge mess and everyone say that the mod is not working and what not

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - TiggieWhite - 06-06-2019

@robhal @Ecchi Gamer
[Image: 3432dfc557e17deb089aa02ecd07785789175431...-fw658.jpg]
What!!! You compressed a 4.5gb file to 79mb?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the FXKJOIILD!!!
Well, I just tried one, my file size just came down from 26,590KB to 18,589KB, about only 30 percent....  I though it would be around 1K...... Mr.Robhal can you explain that?!
It's not a big difference for me since my file size is not big in the first place but it was a huge difference for you......

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 06-06-2019

As I also am not into this technical stuff as well, but I think that some files are not easily compressed, and also it seems that with 7z archive the more amount of files (& bigger size) you try to pack, the compression ratio is better.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - RaoniLuna - 06-07-2019

I would really really love if people could help me find all the "enlarged" tits and ass mods. I can't seem to find them anymore and I really loved them. I mean there are lots on Deviantart SFV Mods page, but they are BBW so even on the lightest setting they don't exactly "respect" the character model so I don't consider them tits and ass mods. I mean I'd like those like earlier Mika's and Juri's bigger TnA mods. Hope you can help me, but I kind of lost hope (usually I find the mods I'm looking for). In case it was not a clear description basically mods with the default character body model but with much larger boobs and butts. All mods fitting this description are welcome, for default or custom outfits, nude or not, anything really (as long as it is not BBW)

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Gojira - 06-14-2019

Quick question, sorry if this has been answered before but I couldn't find an easy way to search for it: Is there a fast way to clear the cache in the game?

I find that when I iterate some changes to a mod and try to reload the character it just reloads the cached version that was in memory instead of the new one I just edited. Right now the only way I can do it is by either going and selecting several different characters and stages or just straight resetting the game, neither of which is very time-convenient (resetting would be okay if it didn't take so long to get from the title to the main menu). Is there a setting or something I can force to make it always reload from character select?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - sleepy_scrub - 06-19-2019


What's your modding install method? I don't recommend ~mods folder method if you don't have to, causes problems.

 If you're modding yourself and working on a ton of iterations I recommend keeping your game unpacked tbh. It's a pain in the ass to redeal with it every major update, but it's definitely the easiest way to make minor changes to a mod and hop back into the game.

Also if you're using PMM remember to DISABLE all of the mods when you don't want it running, quitting out of it isn't enough. Had that happen more than once where PMM was overriding my changes because I forgot to disable everything and then exit.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - FluffyQuack - 06-22-2019

Can someone here do me a quick favour? I'm working on Bloodstained modding and I'm testing out a different program for packing PAK files which enables compression. It works for Bloodstained, but I wanna confirm it works for other UE4 games too.

I quickly re-packed one of BrutalAce's mods (aCarnivalLaura.pak): (replaces Laura C2)

I don't have SF5 set up right now, so if someone can quickly test this, I'd appreciate it. I'll delete the link once it's been tested.