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RE: Modding Discussion Thread - FvckBringeR - 10-14-2018

Guys, ever since I updated to win10 and installed the game on ssd, I can't extract the game files at all. Yes, I'm using the new extract tool, but it's always giving me errors and suddenly stopping the extraction. I already cleaned the steam cache, verified the files, installed and reinstalled the game and cleaned and verified after each time I did those.

Any change some of you might know what the hell I did wrong?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 10-14-2018

In what folder exactly do you install SFV into, bro? If it's either "C:\Program Files" or C:\Program Files (x86)" (not sure if they are still used in Win10 as I still use Win7 myself), then I suppose they behave like in Win7 where those two folders are super-protected by the OS itself. That's I move all games folder (either from Steam, Blizzard, Uplay, GOG, etc) to D: drive instead, where they are free to be modified (just like any regular folders). So bro (and everybody too who want to attempt some modding for any games), I suggest you to move your Steam library folder to other drive or atleast other folder beside C:\Program Files folder (like maybe C:\Games).

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - sleepy_scrub - 10-14-2018

(10-10-2018, 07:11 PM)JNSW Wrote: His hair can only be de-saturated or saturated to be more or less blonde, so giving him brown or blue hair is not doable which is what I aim to accomplish with this mod. 
It's because the SSS file for his hair is colored gold and it acts as a base layer you can't override no matter what color you pick.
(A lot of the blondes have this). 

[Image: CT-Z15-07-SSS-01-02.jpg]

Paint the gold parts from his SSS black and you should be able to actually color his hair after that.

[Image: 20181013212006-1.jpg]

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - FvckBringeR - 10-14-2018

@robhal same path, man. The only difference is that now is installed on G: - the ssd one. The strangest thing is, I got to extract before with win10, but I fvcked it up with others windows things that I had to restore the system, and from then on, I can't extract the game anymore and I have know idea what I did wrong with steam's installation, I mean, I've only moved the place where is installed and it was working before with the same system now, so...

Anyways, thanks for listening and trying to help. Hope I can solve this thing as I don't want to bother you more than I already do with some stages and stuff.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - sleepy_scrub - 10-15-2018

(09-27-2018, 06:19 AM)SupremeSage33 Wrote:  is a way to change intro animation to characters


I remember reading a little about this back in the day, you got me to go all the way back to the ancient Zetaboards tomes to check.

Answer: Sort of?
It seems like you can swap animations quite easily using a hex editor, but the name of your new animation has to have the same number of letters/chars as the old. 

Example, Ryu's char select (RYU_SEL, RYU_SEL_LOOP) onto Ken (KEN_SEL_LOOP):
[Image: ken-win-pose-swap.jpg]

Oh snap, it works! But now Ken has zombie eyes, so obviously it's not perfect. Not sure what the fix would entail.  Huh

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 10-15-2018

Maybe your current copy of "SF5-Extract (NEW)" is damaged or corrupted, try re-downloading it again from here.

Don't worry about this, as I am happy to help anyone whenever I can ofc.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - LukemonXD - 10-15-2018

Hey, wanted to ask if someone ever had this problem in UE 4. I never changed any name of the bones. The funny thing is that if i import the base model It works... Maybe someone had this problem aswell.
[Image: f116678f19eed7dd3d185e707b2c006d-dcpi1mm.png]

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - addysun - 10-15-2018


What program are you using to make the models? Blender?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Ecchi Gamer - 10-15-2018


Can you send me the fbx file and if you use blender can you send me the blender file

Also you said ue 4.1 ?
You do know that sfv uses ue4.7.6

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Ecchi Gamer - 10-15-2018


OK so i looked at your files
first of all i want to say this that if you have any issue feel free to ask me any time but its better if you ask it here in this thread that way others can help you too

ok so there is something wrong with your fbx file i am getting the same error that you are getting while importing in ue4
but luckily since you send the blender file i opened it and export like always do then tried importing it and things worked fine
make sure to match your export settings to mine
[Image: screenshot__55__by_ecchigamer-dcpiyks.png]

this worked for me i imported your model and then do all the things you do ue4 and tested everything was a ok
[Image: screenshot__56__by_ecchigamer-dcpizqx.png]


Oh and i did received your message about the misaka mod , sorry about not replying 
i think you shouldn't jump on to rigging full characters just yet i mean i have been trying for about and year and i can get it barely passable after that
hey it might be that i just suck at doing this and you would be able to easily do it after a few trys
but nevertheless i will help you if you want to do it but i would take some while about 10-12 days i guess because i am a little busy at the moment

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - LukemonXD - 10-15-2018

@Ecchi Gamer
I guess with the MIsaki mod you are right, I'm really still a noob with modding and can't even get physiques for clothing right yet.
I go over the Blender files again and export them correctly, I guess I really forgot to check a field (embarassing >ミ<) . Thank you so much for yout time!

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Ecchi Gamer - 10-15-2018


Your embarassed for not checking a field
Dude you got no idea what types of blunders I did when I was going trough your stage
As for physics well I am not very good at them either but still I know a thing or two so feel free to ask about it
And about your mod firstly I want to ask are you intentionally using yellow kolin textures for the hair or are you hving trouble using the doa textures cause I sure did

And do you plan on rigging the hair or are you not aware of how to do that exactly?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Sting - 10-16-2018

Have you guys noticed that capcom codes are not turned on in replay mode on some mods? For example Ed darkstalkers/Falke halloween swaps or Falke Mature by addysun. They are active when I use them but not when I watch the replay.
Or is it just me? Smile

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - LukemonXD - 10-16-2018

@Ecchi Gamer
Ah no the yellow hair from Kolin was a accident. I don't know why it actually happened. And i did tried rigging the hair and giving it physics in 3dsMax but i failed so i kept them like this because they are so short. >.<

Edit: Ok now i'm loosing my mind. After now exporting the Blender file 15 times and try to implement it in UE4 it's still not working. I deinstalled Blender and installed it back again but it isn't working. I checked my options so often and it sis till giving me the same problem in UE4. Can you remember if you changed something else when exporting my Blender ? I held Shift and clicked on Armature. I done the options right and made the folders just as I allways do in Unreal engine 4 aswell as changing the scale...

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - JNSW - 10-16-2018


Are you using the method from to do this? I'm still understanding how to get the files I need to edit in the first place.
Thanks again.

Well I just found your TLDR thread so I think that'll help me out.

So I got this far, I think I have what I need, now I just need to figure out how to get the SSS file you mentioned, edit it, and pack it all up for use. Edit: (Got it now)
[Image: 2612c24c1aec.jpg]

I've painted all the gold parts black for the texture file. Now I'm downloading unreal engine to re-pack it into a uasset file which really sucks cause its a big-ass download thats going to take all day to download.

So a quick update, I'm sure I fucked something, I have SSS_01 uasset in the texture folder but when I try selecting Alex, the game grinds to a halt and must be closed out before Alex even loads in.